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Night Terrors & Spirit Communications

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In the first half of the program, George spoke with researcher and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley about night terrors and spirit communications. She differentiated night terrors from nightmares, noting that the former sleep condition causes a person to awake in an agitated state without knowing what caused it. Guiley said night terrors are common in younger children, and seem to be on the upswing. It's as if we are "tapping into something on a collective level that is deeply disturbing human beings," she added.

Guiley discussed her research using an electronic device known as 'Frank's Box,' named for inventor Frank Sumption. The contraption purportedly allows real-time, two-way communication with non-physical entities. George played an audio clip recorded by Guiley while using a version of this technology (Mini Box) at the Moundsville State Penitentiary in West Virginia. She said the investigators experienced some poltergeist phenomena there, so Guiley asked if someone was messing around with their equipment. In what may be the most unusual EVP ever recorded, the theme to The Twilight Zone can be heard coming through the box.

Guiley talked about her upcoming paranormal documentary about the stone chambers in upstate New York. She described the area as a portal where there is broad-spectrum paranormal activity. Guiley said she picked up an odd spirit communication there. After asking an entity if it had a message for them, a voice replied, "Whatever. Not today. Rosemary, do you have a message for me?" Guiley also mentioned her work on a 'Skinwalker' case, where the investigators witnessed the manifestation of a hostile shadow person that caused them to become physically sick.

Open Lines

During Open Lines, Todd in California told George that as a child he was a victim of 'Old Hag Syndrome.' According to Todd, an old lady wearing a scarf would appear on the upper tier of this bunk bed and tickle him. Robert also from the Golden State said as a teenager he was preyed upon by two Old Hags. Robert believes they afflicted him because of his bad behavior.

Brenda in Tampa, Florida said ever since her Mom passed away she, her boyfriend, her sister, and sister's boyfriend are randomly sprinkled by mysterious droplets of water, even when indoors. George suggested they could be her mother's tears from the other side. Ray, a trucker driving through Rainbow, California, told George about a woman who cured her cataract with a cootie bug.

In the final half-hour, George played part of his 3/26/08 interview with researcher and investigator Joe Bullard, who discussed mysterious occurrences and UFO activity in the Bermuda Triangle.

News Segments

Appearing briefly at the top of the program, Richard C. Hoagland commented on the recent passing of Walter Cronkite and shared his memories of working with the iconic anchorman during the historic Apollo missions to the Moon. Then, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top announced that he and fellow band member Dusty Hill will be co-hosting Monday night's RAW wrestling show.


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