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Noted UFO researcher Robert Hastings discussed his investigation into a decades-long connection between UFOs and nuclear weapon activity. He was joined by former US serviceman Patrick McDonough, who shared his story of witnessing a stunning UFO event while working at his post. "You've got UFO activity at virtually every type of nuclear weapons site and facility," Hastings said. To that end, he noted that documents and witness testimony reveal that these encounters happen not just where the actual missiles are housed, but even at nuclear laboratories.

In the latter half of the 2nd hour, McDonough recounted his 1966 UFO experience while stationed at Malstrom AFB in Montana. As a surveyor for the Air Force, he was taking measurements for future missile silos adjacent to the ones already built. According to him, the UFO appeared "almost from out of nowhere" and hovered over an empty missile silo. He described the craft as circular and "appeared to have a number of pulsating dim lights outlining the disc." Chillingly, he recalled how the UFO had a "brighter, white light emanating down towards us" and aimed into the silo. Shortly thereafter, it flew away and the servicemen who witnessed it quickly left the area, apprehensive about what they'd just seen.

While the idea of UFOs tampering with Earth's nuclear weapons may sound troubling, Hasting was more optimistic about the trend. He mused, "if these beings are attempting to warn our government of the perils of having nuclear weapons then, to me, that's an entirely positive development." However, he stressed that just because UFOs have taken an interest in our nuclear weapons, it does not mean that they could, or would, prevent a nuclear war should one erupt. "What has happened so far is no predictor of future events," he warned.

For more on Hastings research into the UFO / Nuke connection, check out his 02/17/09 appearance on C2C, which was the interview that originally inspired Patrick McDonough to contact him.

MUFON Symposium

Appearing during the first hour, MUFON's Alejandro Rojas talked about the upcoming 40th Annual MUFON Symposium, taking place Aug. 6th to the 9th in Denver, Colorado. He stressed that, even in the age of the Internet, a conference such as MUFON's event provides the best opportunity for budding Ufologists to meet the major researchers in the field and make strong connections with other investigators. Rojas also discussed MUFON related stories, such as the state of the organization today, their work with Bob Bigelow, and conspiracy theories surrounding the group.


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