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Power of Intention

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Appearing during all four hours of the show, author and researcher Lynne McTaggart reported on the ongoing results of various mind-over-matter/intention experiments that she's helped organize and conduct. In an experiment developed by Dr. Gary Schwartz, an audience was able to increase the biophoton emissions of a leaf, by imagining the leaf glowing. The results, which showed a significant difference between the target leaf and a control leaf, have now been successfully replicated six times, she said.

McTaggart also reported on her first Peace Intention Experiment, which sought to demonstrate that thoughts can be used to change the world. The troubled country of Sri Lanka was chosen as a target to see if violence could be reduced there by having thousands of people send their intention for peace, at the same time for 10 minutes on eight successive days. Among the team evaluating the results were Dr. Robert Jahn, formerly of the PEAR Lab, and Dr. Jessica Utts, a professor of statistics. Curiously, violence in Sri Lanka quadrupled during the week of the experiment, but in the weeks afterward, violence decreased by 75%, and the whole course of the civil war there was changed for the better, she said. Additionally, there was a spike in random number generator readings (REGs) during the 10-minute period people were meditating each day. More on the experiment here.

The reason intention and mind-over-matter processes work relates to the subatomic underpinnings of our being, and all matter-- on this level we're all connected, and can access the farthest reaches of the cosmos, she suggested. McTaggart is planning a Clean Water Experiment, on September 19, 2009 to help clean up polluted water, and people from around the world are welcome to participate. She is also working on setting up an experiment to lower temperature within a terrarium or biosphere-like environment.

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