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Crop Circles & Anomalies

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Appearing during the middle two hours, crop circle expert Simeon Hein discussed anomalous energies and haywire equipment he experienced during trips to crop formations (see images below). There are many sources for crop circles-- balls of light, UFO/ETs, as well as humans, he outlined. Hein has tagged along on some of the man-made overnight missions and saw a complete design created in a barley field in 4-5 hours. Curiously, anomalous phenomena such as camera batteries inexplicably conking out, have occurred at the man-made sites. This led him to conclude that something about the crop formations/patterns, even though man-made, is causing energetic interactions.

Crop circles are telling us about the "language of resonance," and could be thought of like musical instruments for modulating energy, he said. The human circlemakers are creating a kind of natural magic, and their patterns have grown increasingly complex over the years, Hein commented. Formations associated with balls of light (seen by many witnesses) tend to feature small circles, and uncomplicated designs, he added. One theory posits that these plasma balls are a natural phenomenon coming from the upper atmosphere. He also detailed associations between UFOs and crop circles-- sometimes UFOs leave formations and circular landing traces; other times craft may be attracted to formations already there.

Intention & The Lost Symbol

In the first hour, writer Lynne McTaggart talked about some of the science behind Dan Brown's new bestseller The Lost Symbol. Her book The Intention Experiment and web-based mind-over-matter experiment are featured in his novel, she noted, adding that Brown has drawn from a "crazy quilt of influences," --including other real consciousness experiments and research such as done by the PEAR program (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research), and Dean Radin/Instit. of Noetic Sciences.

Erich von Däniken: New Work

Last hour guest, renowned author Erich von Däniken spoke about the theories behind his seminal book Chariots of the Gods, and his new work, History is Wrong. The Nazca Lines in Peru may have been created by natives mimicking ETs who earlier used the desert area as landing strips for their craft, he explained. In his new book, he takes a look at ancient texts like the Book of Enoch, and ties them in with South American artifacts.


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From Simeon Hein: This montage shows various types of electrical anomalies commonly found in and around crop circles. The photo on the left came from a small formation we made in Kansas in 2002. The picture on the lower right shows a camera from last summer damaged by a crop circle at Silbury Hill. And the third image shows total battery failure from the Devil's Den formation in 1999. Here's a link to more crop anomaly pictures.

The second photo is a picture of investigator Colin Andrews with his crop circle damaged camera in the Martinsell formation (right).

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