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Four different experts on Bigfoot shared various aspects of the phenomenon, including photos, sound clips, and analysis of the Patterson film. In the fist hour, Jeffrey Gonzalez, the founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society, and veteran Bigfoot investigator David Raygoza, discussed a recent photo captured on a motion-sensitive trail cam (see below) in the Sierra National Forest in June 2009. Raygoza, who has visited this remote location numerous times, said witnesses had reported a family of Bigfoot were in this area. Gonzalez and a crew did a thorough investigation of the site, and concluded that the photo was authentic, and the creature measured 8-9 ft. in height. Bigfoot are flesh and blood creatures that can camouflage themselves like chameleons, Raygoza commented, while Gonzalez noted that strange lights are sometimes seen in Bigfoot areas, suggesting a possible UFO connection.

Bigfoot researcher Stan Courtney presented some of his audio recordings, which he said feature sounds that don't match known animals. The animal noises can start out as low pitch and turn into a roar, as well as go into a high pitch wail. In the clip he labeled as the 'Colorado Howl,' an eerie two-tone sound is heard that might have been the animal imitating the sound of a coyote. In another clip, a creature is heard mimicking Courtney's own call. Some of the unknown animal sounds can be quite terrifying-- people can be more traumatized by hearing these than actually seeing the creatures, he noted.

Jeff Hilling, a Bigfoot historian, talked about his study of the controversial 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film which showed a hairy bipedal female creature striding in Bluff Creek (view the M.K. Davis stabilized version). The footage, second only to the Zapruder film as the most analyzed in world history, became famous after being featured in such shows as In Search Of in the 1970s. Though some claim the film is an elaborate hoax with an actor in an ape suit, Hilling is 80% sure it's an authentic document of a real creature. Most convincing to him is the muscle movement, and fluid gait of the creature, as well the fact that many experts have scrutinized the footage and been unable to dismiss it as an outright fake.

Theories & Cases of Possession

Last hour guest, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren shared his theory as to how people can become possessed. He likened the human mind to a little wormhole that connects to an awareness of the cosmos. But just as the body can become infected, so can this "wormhole brain" which could be subject to parasites from other wormhole brains. Or put another way, he individual's identity is a flow of information that can be influenced. He spoke about his investigation into the case of a possessed woman. Objects were said at times to fly around in her presence, and in a video shot by Brian Irish, an EMF Meter is seen being knocked around by an invisible force at her home.


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The Sanger Paranormal Society has determined that the object (outlined in red), which was photographed with a trail camera in June 2009 is not a tree stump or bear. Could this be a photo of Bigfoot? For further analysis of the image, visit this page.

Photo © David Raygoza

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