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During Open Lines, George offered a "life changing moments" special topic line. Julie in El Paso, Texas phoned in to share how the late radio DJ Steve Crosno changed her life. Julie told George she called into Crosno's radio show back in 1963, hoping to win a contest, and was put on hold. While waiting for someone to return to the line, Julie said she began singing along with "Popsicles and Icicles" by The Murmaids. As it turns out, someone had been listening to Julie sing and Crosno asked her to perform on his local television program--which she did off and on for the next 13 years. Julie also sang a bit of "Angel Baby" (by Rosie & The Originals) live for the Coast audience.

Geno in St. Louis commented on Friday's announcement that Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. He suggested the President may have been awarded the prize for making a secret peace treaty with humanoid alien races. Geno further conjectured that advanced alien technology may have been shared with the Administration, which they in turn will share with the American people through a government health care program.

Ryan in Pensacola, Florida told George about strange green orbs that he witnessed floating above the ground at an outpost several miles from his base in Iraq. Ryan said other soldiers in his squad also reported seeing the green orbs, which measured a foot in diameter, as well as hearing mysterious footsteps and rattling doors. George suggested the orbs may have been people who died at the outpost.

Daisy in Spokane, Washington reported seeing what looked to her like a thunderbird. She said the low-flying creature had a shimmering, translucent copper color and was approximately the size of three cars. Daisy likened the experience to seeing a projection on a movie screen. In the final half-hour, George replayed a past interview with historian Laurence Gardner, who talked about the connections between King Solomon and the Knights Templar.

John Fogerty

In the first hour, former member of Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) and solo recording artist John Fogerty made an in-studio visit. Fogerty talked about his career, influences, and fascination with Coast to Coast related subjects. He told George that CCR's famous song, "Bad Moon Rising," was inspired by the 1941 fantasy film The Devil and Daniel Webster.

Fogerty spoke of his love for the 1951 sci-fi movie The Thing from Another World and the original Outer Limits television series, as well. George played Fogerty's new alien-themed song, "Haunted House," a remake of Gene Simmons' 1964 version. Fogerty also commented on reverse-engineered alien technology, 'shadow' government conspiracies, and his sense that "some sort of impending thing" is on the horizon.


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Musician John Fogerty (left) with C2C producer Tom Danheiser.

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