NASA's Moon-Smashing Mission

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NASA's Moon-Smashing Mission

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During the first half of the program, George spoke with Coast to Coast AM science advisor Richard C. Hoagland about NASA's recent moon-smashing mission. The Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, sent two probes crashing into the Moon's surface last Friday morning, looking for signs of water (see video). Scientists and lay spectators expecting to see the much-hyped impact event were let down when it appeared nothing had happened. The biggest observatories on the planet and even Hubble saw nothing, Hoagland said.

"There was and is a hidden agenda around this mission," he suggested. According to Hoagland, LCROSS is part of a carefully constructed campaign to prepare the populace for imminent disclosure. The President of the United States will soon announce that scientists have discovered ruins on the moon, he added. Nobody saw the LCROSS debris plume because the probes struck a building which swallowed the effects of the explosion, he continued. Hoagland outlined some of the evidence that led him to this conclusion, and announced that the information would be available in a forthcoming paper on this website,

Hoagland also commented on an NBC special about the symbology in Dan Brown's new book, the recent Balloon Boy saga, an upcoming 2012 show on the SyFy channel, and mass consciousness and the Princeton EGGs. These events are part of a cascade of "synchronicities that are driven by this increase in the background physics," he explained, noting that we can expect to see more leading up to the pivotal 2012 date. "There is something big coming," Hoagland added.

The third hour was reserved for live Open Lines calls. The final hour featured a replay of Open Lines from January 18, 2008.


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