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Broadcasting live from Albuquerque, NM, George Noory was joined by Dr. Robin Falkov and Richard C. Hoagland for a conversation ranging from alternative health issues to the latest space news.

Falkov voiced her opposition to vaccines, citing the research of Dr. Andrew Moulden as "irrefutable proof" that people who receive vaccinations experience micro-strokes. Falkov commented on the recent Baxter flu vaccine contamination, and how health administrators in Czechoslovakia fortuitously decided to test the vaccine on a group of ferrets before distributing it to the general population. All of the ferrets died, she noted.

Falkov also spoke about an effective ancient flu remedy found in the elderberry, the power of the mind to heal (she recommended listeners get a book on the Silva Mind Control Method), and the problems with pharmaceutical drugs, of which "more than 50 percent don't have the therapeutic effect they are purported to have," she said.

Hoagland discussed NASA's announcement that significant amounts of water have been found on the moon (see article). Analysis from the LCROSS mission, which last month sent a probe crashing into a crater near the lunar south pole, showed that the impact kicked up at least 25 gallons of water. It also found a "witch's brew of organic compounds" that NASA has thus far kept quiet about, he said. According to Hoagland, NASA's silence means the organic compounds are likely more complex than they expected to find, and possibly even a by-product of living biology on the moon.

Hoagland also talked about the Mayan Calendar and his SyFy special on 2012, as well as teased that he had proof JFK's assassination was a conspiracy. "The probable reason why Kennedy was killed has to do somehow with his knowledge and preparations for 2012," he suggested.

Falkov and Hoagland took questions during the third hour. The last hour featured a replay of Open Lines from 2/08/08, when callers phoned in to share what drove them to a moment of evil.


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