A Metaphysical Journey

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A Metaphysical Journey

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In the first half of the program, metaphysics researcher Randy Rogers shared his remarkable story of awakening to the world of synchronicities, dreams, and reincarnation. "The whole way along the way I was shaking my head," the former reporter said about his journey, "but at a point, I finally just went with it." He explained that it all began in 1995 with a series of recurring, seemingly random, thoughts that a long-lost grade school classmate, named Kathy, had passed away.

After a year of these nagging thoughts, he had a vivid dream that "took it to a whole new level." In the dream, he was in Palm Springs and found out that Kathy was indeed dead. He woke up and "realized that this had gone too far." At that point, he made a concerted effort to find out why all of this was happening and a series of synchronicities led him to Kathy's sister. During his visit, she took him to the hospice where Kathy had died and the building was the location of his dream. "When I saw that, the chills went through me," Rogers remembered.

Following this revelation, he was besieged by synchronistic events which he took to be "signposts" guiding him towards an answer. Ultimately, through acupuncture-induced regression sessions, he found out that, in a past life, Kathy was his twin sister from the 1560's in England. An investigation of his genealogy led him to England later that year and brought him to the exact place he saw in his regression session. Looking back on his fantastic experience, Rogers observed "if I can do it, everyone out there can do this. You don't have to be a psychic, you are a psychic."

Open Lines

The second half of the show was devoted to Open Lines. Hilary in Encino, California, revealed that she has the ability to both predict a person's impending death and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, when someone will get pregnant. While she happily shares her predictions of the latter event with others, Hilary said she never tells others of their potential oncoming demise, even if she knows it will happen well in advance. Similarly, Ida in Michigan said that she "guides people to the other side" in her astral dreams. So commonplace is this ability, an amused Ida recalled, that when her father called to break the news of a family friend's death, she replied "yeah, I know, I crossed him over." Her nonplussed dad simply said, "oh, okay, talk to you later then."

Edie from Montana recalled her trip to California in search of an old friend who had become an actor. While eating lunch, she spied a picture of her friend on the wall. Dashing up to the counter to ask about him, she fell face first into a fellow diner's soup. Upon recovering from her spill, she found out that her friend had died some time ago. At that point, she began laughing and recalled how, the last time she'd seen him, she'd taken a similar tumble. "He must have tripped me," Edie cheerfully theorized.


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