Covert Space Race

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Covert Space Race

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In the first half of the program, Ian Punnett welcomed historian of the future Charles Ostman, who discussed how the spiral in Norway could be evidence of a covert space race. He explained that the failed Russian test seen over Norway was most likely an experiment to either create an opacity to block American satellite communications or some kind of climate adjustment attempt. However, he put forth the idea that the test was also part of a larger "cold war" going on between the superpowers to develop advanced technologies, notably anti-gravity.

The means by which this anti-gravity could be achieved, Ostman said, was by way of an artificial gravity well produced in front of an aircraft. This, in turn, would pull the space in front of the craft towards itself, eliminating the need for propulsion. Additionally, it would form a bubble around the object, counteracting the g-forces that affect normal planes. Based on evidence which suggests that elements of this research is ongoing, he theorized that some UFO sightings are "artifacts of those types of experiments." Ostman mused that events such as the Phoenix Lights incident, as well as the recent Norway spiral may be the result of each side demonstrating their cutting edge technologies.

On when these sorts of technologies may be made public, Ostman offered a grim analysis. He speculated that such revelations would most likely be predicated upon a further downturn of America's fortune. At that point, they would be used as a means to re-establish the U.S. as the dominant nation in the world. While Ostman did not discount the popular notion that it would be used to develop weapons in space, he said that the real benefit would be mining for strategic minerals found throughout the cosmos. "That's really where the long term game is," he said, noting that such minerals are quickly running out here on Earth.

Open Lines

The latter half of the program was devoted to Open Lines. A number of callers shared their theories on a variety of esoteric mysteries. Doug in Houston theorized that the lack of spending this holiday season is a result of people protesting against the government. Meanwhile, David in Canada talked about his experiments shooting various items and how they give credence to the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman in the JFK assassination. One theory was put forth and then quickly disproven as Angelina in Manhattan suggested that military forces are wearing backwards American flags to display their impending coup on the US government. However, Becky in New York later explained that the flags are worn backwards on the uniform because it conveys that the soldiers are "going into battle."

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