Military Technology & War Scenarios

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Military Technology & War Scenarios

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George Knapp welcomed aviation expert and author William B. Scott for a discussion about possible World War III scenarios and the latest in military technology. He described one possible scenario in which North Korea launches a missile to knock out space satellites. This could also involve an electromagnetic pulse that damages circuitry on the ground, greatly affecting Americans ability to use ATM and credit cards. Such an attack is "like pouring molasses on society-- everything slows down," he said.

Continuing the scenario, Iran could take advantage of America's satellite loss by launching a nuclear-tipped missile at Israel, and terrorist cells could "spoof" GPS signals to cause airline crashes, he detailed. While no one wants to take the U.S. on in a conventional war, the country is vulnerable to space and cyberspace attacks, and has a lack of policy and infrastructure in dealing with such "asymmetric warfare," he warned.

Scott outlined a number of military technologies that could covertly exist, or are not widely known, including:

  • Blackstar Spaceplane-- A small manned craft carried into high altitude by a larger plane, it could make surprise suborbital journeys around the globe for surveillance or military purposes, as well as possibly launch nano-satellites.
  • Black Triangles-- Seen by numerous witnesses, these could be military blimps with a hard surface-- a structure that can sit on the ground but contain lighter-than-air gas. These stealthy ships could carry large payloads.
  • Hyper Velocity Missiles-- These so-called "Rods from the Gods," are 6 ft. long rods made out of titanium which if fired from a high altitude would acquire so much kinetic energy they could do as much damage as explosive warheads.

Cattle Mutilation Update

First hour guest, MUFON investigator Chuck Zukowski talked about recent cattle mutilation cases in Colorado. He noted there were black triangle UFO sightings over Colorado Springs, on the same night in March 2009 that cattle were found with inexplicable mutilations some 100 miles away.


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