Ancient Maps, Resolutions, & Implants

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Ancient Maps, Resolutions, & Implants


  • Rees: Ancient Maps & Asians
  • Rees: Secrecy of Maps & DNA Studies
  • Arthur: Resolutions & Change
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    Ancient Asian Maps

    Appearing in the first hour, researcher Charlotte Harris Rees discussed Asian maps (see below) dating as far back as 4,000 years ago that show the coastlines of the Americas. Picking up on the work of her father who collected these maps, she suggested that the ancient Chinese were seafaring and traveled to America far before Columbus' arrival. As further evidence, she cited genetic markers that are shared only by Asians and Native Americans.

    Resolutions & Life Changes

    In the middle two hours, Wharton Business School graduate Clint Arthur talked about life changes, New Year's resolutions, and his Last Year of Your Life program. In this program, participants try to live each day for one year like it's the last year of their lives. The idea of a finite amount of time helps people to focus on what's really important, he explained.

    78% of people abandon their New Year's resolutions before the month of January is over because they focus on the downside of not achieving their goals, he reported. Arthur outlined five steps people can follow to make resolutions stick:

    • Decide this is the last year of your life.
    • Write down what you want to achieve.
    • Share your goals with a community of people.
    • Create a system where you hold yourself accountable.
    • Congratulate yourself when you achieve your goal.

    Arthur offered to send a free copy of his book Free New Power to those who request it in an email to him.

    Implant Update

    Last hour guest, Dr. Roger Leir spoke about his work removing alien implants. He recently completed his 15th such operation. Some of the samples have been found to contain carbon nano-structures, and he speculated the implants could be an advanced type of radio transmission device.


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    Charlotte Harris Rees sent us this image of an Asian World Map from the Dr. Hendon Harris, Jr. map collection. An interpretation of the map by David Allen Deal can be viewed here.

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