Vampires, Werewolves, & Open Lines

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Vampires, Werewolves, & Open Lines


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    In the first half of the show, author Jonathan Maberry talked about his research into vampire and werewolf folklore, the latter of which informed his new book, The Wolfman, a novelization of the film that opened on Friday. He theorized that these legends are popular with people because they "want to believe the world is bigger than they can measure." Additionally, he noted that the stories were often used, in less sophisticated times, as explanations for complex problems such as diseases.

    Maberry also detailed a number of instances where the Hollywood version of werewolves and vampires both differed and mirrored the legends on which they are based. For instance, he noted that in 99% of the cases of werewolf lore, the creature can transform at will and does not require a full moon to initiate the metamorphosis. Similarly, he explained that the popular notion that one can kill a vampire by driving a stake through its heart is actually quite a rare belief. Instead, Maberry said, the stake was used to hold down the vampire while it was decapitated and a ritual was performed. Conversely, he said that garlic is an independently recurring element in many cultures who all see it as a way to ward off vampires and other paranormal entities.

    Open Lines

    The second half of the program was devoted to Open Lines with a special hotline devoted to the question "what would you sell your soul for?" Jerry in North Carolina said that he'd sell his soul to be a famous country music star, a dream which he has had his entire life. In a declaration of self-sacrifice, Steve in Knoxville, Tennessee said that he'd trade his soul in order to ensure that his kids and grandkids would have healthy and happy lives. Robert in Texas put forth the paradoxical idea that he'd take the deal in exchange for a guarantee of going to heaven.

    Other callers during the evening included Jason in Maryland who shared the amazing story of how he had a heart attack at the age of six and ended up having a pacemaker implanted at a result. Chris in Oregon called into the show to talk about a persistent vibrational hum that has been plaguing his home and neighborhood. Perhaps the evening's most uplifting call came from Phil in Indiana, who shared the tale of his dying aunt who said she could see angels while lying in her hospital bed.

    The final half hour of the program featured a segment from George's interview with Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman from 2/19/2009.


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