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Roswell & the Nazi Connection


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    Ian Punnett was joined by researcher Joseph P. Farrell, who appeared for the full four hours, for a discussion on the connection between UFOs and the Nazi's Third Reich, and presented a very different scenario of what crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947. "If, two years after the end of World War II, something Nazi crashes in the New Mexico desert," he said, "then, yes, that's going to get the American military to panic." This panic, Farrell believes, caused them to create the "UFO v. weather balloon" debate which has persisted to this day and, thus, pushed all other theories into the peripheral.

    He detailed a number of issues surrounding the Roswell story which suggest that the downed craft was of terrestrial, but non-American, origin. For instance, Farrell noted that witnesses, who saw the Roswell debris, observed numbers on the wreckage. This, he surmised, suggests an Earthly origin since it is highly unlikely that ETs would be using our symbols for there numeric system. On the subject of the beings allegedly recovered from the crash, he asserted that, based on the vast majority of the accounts, there is "nothing that compels to the fact that these were extraterrestrial beings. We simply have very odd looking humans." Apparently, this idea was shared by the Army personnel who arrived at the scene, since Farrell said that one witness claims that the recovery team attempted to speak Japanese and German to the crash victims.

    Taking these aspects of the event into account, Farrell advanced his alternative theory that the downed craft at Roswell was really a version of the erstwhile Nazi project known as The Bell. According to his research, work on the Bell can be traced from Germany to Argentina following World War II. To that end, he revealed that immediately following the Roswell crash, the US Army re-opened the security classification files of the former Nazis that were brought to America via Project Paperclip. Additionally, he cited the testimony of Col. Philip Corso, who Farrell contends, "hints, repeatedly throughout his book, that there is some apparent Nazi 'look' to the technology that they had recovered." Ultimately, Farrell theorized that the displaced Nazis were "sending a message to their former enemy that 'we have a technology that you cannot touch.'"


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    Sorry the blog tonight is a little anemic but I had a surprisingly full day today and never got to it.

    On the upside, I answer several hundred of your emails and really enjoyed hearing from all you especially from the guy who founded the "Ian Punnett is D.B. Cooper" Facebook page.

    The evidence on that page is overwhelming. I must have been D.B. Cooper and simply forgotten it all these years.

    I can't believe my mother let do that. My God, Mom, I was only eleven.

    What were you thinking?

    "Ian Punnett = D.B. Cooper" on Facebook

    Finally tonight, one more late addition to the blog. As many people noted, actress Farrah Fawcett had been excluded from the "In Memoriam" tribute last week at the Oscars. Any explanation on this oversight from the Academy Award's producers seems silly when one considers that Michael Jackson, rarely an actor and almost never in the movies, was included in this tribute.

    Earlier this week, some conservative bloggers speculated that this omission might have been due to Farrah Fawcett's Republican associations, others have said it's just a commentary about Farrah's "fall from Hollywood grace" (is that possible?). Either way, some friends of mine wanted to address this glaring insult to Farrah Fawcett's legitimate claim to Academy recognition so instead of re- editing the James Taylor, Beatles-themed "In Memoriam" tribute to include Farrah's face, they just decided to make Farrah the ONLY one honored at the Academy Awards.

    The disturbance in the Force has been rebalanced.



    Thanks to all of you who have asked to be my friend on Facebook. I have fewer than 300 spaces on my Friend list and well over 300 requests to be Friend so obviously, I won’t be able to honor each of those requests. How will I decide which requests I will accept out of the more than 300 to go? In honor of the Academy Awards the other night, I will choose on the basis of the best pictures sent along with the requests. And there were about 300 nominees in the Best Picture category, wasn’t there?

    This news update from Angela, one of my Facebook buddies:

    SEATTLE -- The man who alarmed people in downtown Seattle Friday morning with a device strapped to him, claiming to be a vampire, told a judge the day before that his medications were not working. (MSNBC)

    I’m guessing that he won that argument, don’t you think?

    Dennis wrote in regard to a previous C2C guest who “talked about a mirror that would have "demon" like figures in it. He had a picture of a Jesus like figure in it upside down. Well, it kind of rung a bell with me,” Dennis wrote.

    “I am a christian, but wasn't until my junior year of high school. I befriended a new student who had just moved from Spain. His family was a missionary family and his dad actually helped me get closer to God. But, to the point, in Spain he had helped with exorcisms of demons and one thing they used a lot were mirrors to trap demons in them. But, they couldn't break the mirror or it would be released again. So they would submerse these in the ocean in garbage bags.

    I’m fascinated by the idea that the bottom of our oceans are littered with garbage bags with demon mirrors in them. I know this is completely unscientific but wouldn’t be amazing to think that all these underwater earthquakes and killer tsunamis are actually caused by these garbage bags decomposing, the mirrors breaking and the demons getting out!

    But if the demons look like Jesus, how are we to tell who has been burned into the bottom of that frying pan?

    Image of Jesus 'appears in a frying pan'

    An image of Jesus has appeared in burned bacon fat at the bottom of a frying pan, it has been claimed.

    Toby Elles, 22, made the discovery after burning the food when he fell asleep while cooking.

    After lifting off the scorched bacon Mr Elles, from Salford, Lancs, could not believe his eyes when the Christlike image stared back at him.

    The face is complete with eyes, nose, a beard and is framed by long flowing hair.

    Mr Elles, a cashier for Halifax Bank, said: "I fell asleep cooking some bacon and it had burned this face onto the pan, it's some kind of miracle.

    "If it wasn't for the smoke of the bacon burning this onto the pan it could have been a very bad situation, perhaps someone's looking over me.

    "My housemates and I had a few beers earlier in the evening I thought I would snack before going to bed and as it was cooking I decided to take a rest on the couch.

    "When I woke up about an hour later the room was full of smoke.

    "Luckily we have an electric hob so I just turned off the heat, but then I lifted up the bacon and there was JC looking back at me.

    Obviously, this is rare. Usually the scorched impressions of the Messiah stories come out of Mexico or South America where “Jesus Cristo” apparently frequently chooses the bottom of tortillas or frying pans to make appearances. This is the first case in England and the exacting quality of the image leads me to believe this less a case of Jesus Cristo as it was Jesus Crisco, if you know what I mean.

    Meanwhile in England:

    Mystery of 75 starlings falling from the sky

    The deaths of 75 starlings which appeared to fall from the sky and crash land on to a driveway in Somerset has mystified the RSPCA animal charity.

    The birds were spotted falling onto the entrance of a house in Coxley in Somerset on Sunday 7 March.

    Animal welfare officer Alison Sparkes, who was called by police, said: "It was a remarkable sight, I've never seen anything like it."

    There is no evidence the birds were ill or poisoned before they hit the ground.

    There’s an X-Files-style mystery for you. Don’t know whether to call Agent Scully or Agent Starling! There’s hot video going around the web that purports to be a UFO over Italty that looks a lot like the Phoenix Lights we were talking about last week. What do you think?

    UFO Filmed in Italy

    And finally, a lot of people are buzzing about the possibility of Coast to Coast host George Noory running for President of the United States. Should he win, GN promises that he will open all the secret file cabinets and wouldn’t that be a fun way to get a new administration jumping? Here’s the story:

    George Noory considering presidential bid?

    If the last ten years are any indication, I hope this means I get to be the President every Saturday and major holidays.

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