Secret Govt., Ufology, & Dulce

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Secret Govt., Ufology, & Dulce


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  • ET Hypotheses & Dulce
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    Unorthodox ufologist Norio Hayakawa presented his views and research on UFOs, clandestine government activities, and the mysterious Dulce, New Mexico area, rumored to house an underground base. The state of New Mexico itself has been a hotbed of paranormal and UFO activity going back to 1947, he reported. Starting with the Roswell Incident, "the year 1947 was the beginning of a conditioning of belief systems...carefully orchestrated for future events," he commented.

    He believes the Roswell crash was staged "by an unknown intelligence" in collusion with an elite part of the US government. UFOs are neither flying nor objects, but rather part of an intelligence that co-exists with us and has the ability to materialize, he explained.

    Hayakawa was one of the first to bring Project Bluebeam to public attention in his 1995 documentary video Secrets of Dreamland, which suggested that a covert government would have sufficient technology to artificially simulate a UFO threat in order to bring about a forced global unity.

    Regarding Dulce, he has not found direct physical evidence for an underground base there, yet, there have been many strange reports and sightings in the area which encompasses the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. "I think there's a reality on another level that we may not be able to see with our physical eyes" and a base could exist at Dulce in a non-physical realm, he shared.

    Shamanic Healing

    Last hour guest, teacher and author Sandra Ingerman talked about healing from a shamanic perspective, and looking at emotional and physical illnesses as representing spiritual imbalances. Such imbalances can be brought about by the loss of one's spirit guardian or parts of the soul that left the body during a trauma, she explained. Shamans can conduct retrievals of guardian spirits, and parts of the soul, though a person could also ask for retrieval to take place during a dream, she offered.


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    Norio Hayakawa shares several links with us, including his report on the Dulce Base Conference from 2009, his hypothesis on Dulce, and some of his original "cosmic wave" music performances: Apache 2012, and Ancient Visitors.

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