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Stress, Hormones, & Supplements


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    Expert in the fields of communication and relationships, John Gray discussed how differences between the sexes, and how they relate to one another, are biochemically based and can be explained by our hormones. He also suggested a variety of natural health supplements for various types of conditions and deficiencies. Women and men react differently to stress, which releases cortisol in the body. Women are overwhelmed by stress, whereas men tend to lose interest in relationships, he reported.

    Men's testosterone levels have been decreasing at a more rapid rate than they did in the past, and low testosterone is associated with heart disease, he said. Women's brains react more emotionally to stress than men, and in recent years, women's happiness levels have gone down, and their illness levels are on the rise, Gray noted. The hormone oxytocin lowers stress for women, he added.

    According to Gray, continual stress and cortisol production in the body, causes exhaustion, inhibited digestion, poor sleep, and low energy from the overworking of the adrenal glands. Among the supplements/products he recommended:

    • PGX- a fiber to help balance blood sugar (reduces the spiking of cortisol).
    • Maca- a Peruvian root that helps regenerate the adrenal glands.
    • Goji Berries-- a superfood and andrenal re-builder.
    • Rhodiola-- an Artic root that produces dopamine & serotonin in the brain, and reduces stress level.
    • Lithium Orotate-- a natural brain mineral associated with pleasure, calming, and energy.
    • Homeopathic HCG-- restores adrenal function, and helps with weight loss.
    • Tongkat ali-- a natural supplement from Thailand that increase libido and testosterone.
    • Vectomega-- an Omega 3 complex that is more readily absorbed than standard fish oil caps and acts as a brain tonic.

    Alien Implant Update

    Last hour guest, Dr. Roger Leir reported on his latest alien implant removal surgery, his 16th such operation. An X-ray revealed that a man in his 50's (who had a UFO encounter as a child) had a metallic foreign object in his wrist. The object removed was a cantaloupe-seed-shaped metal with a coating of biological matter-- similar in appearance to other implants he's removed. Dr. Leir also talked about a recent unusual aerial sighting he had in the Los Angeles area-- several black helicopters surrounded a metallic disc that suddenly disappeared.

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