Lethal Fungus, UFOs, & Strange Signals

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Lethal Fungus, UFOs, & Strange Signals


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    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a new lethal fungus that is thriving in the Northwest U.S., animal mutilations, Weslaco, Texas UFO reports, and mysterious signals emanating from the M82 galaxy. In her first segment, she reported on a deadly fungus discovered in the Pacific Northwest, where 10 people have died from it. She spoke with Dr. Joseph Heitman of Duke University, who said that the new pathogen strain, Cryptococcus gatii, had been confirmed, and is spread through the air. In some cases where people have breathed the fungus through their lungs, they've come down with pneumonia or meningitis, said Heitman. It's possible something in the environment of the Northwest is causing the lethal fungus to thrive at this time. More here.

    In her second report, Linda investigated recent unexplained cattle mutilations in Montana. In one case from April 2010, a 7-year-old Black Angus pregnant cow was found dead with its left jaw tissue cut out in a "keyhole" pattern and her tongue had been removed vertically so deeply in her throat that the cartilage at the base of the tongue was exposed. She interviewed a rancher who declared that "whatever did this, did it with surgical precision, and it's like nothing I've ever seen." Full report (requires Earthfiles subscription).

    Strange aerial lights were seen over a one-week period in early March 2010 in Weslaco, Texas. A family watched and photographed a large light that kept changing shape and color. By 2 AM on March 1, the aerial light "sent down sparks" into Weslaco while a 22-year-old college student in the family watched amazed from the living room window. Linda spoke with the student, Jose Gonzalez, who also described seeing three blue spheres stacked one on top of the other in the night sky. More, including Gonzalez's photos, here.

    In her last report, Linda interviewed radio astronomer Tom Muxlow of the Univ. of Manchester about mysterious radio waves emanating from M82, a starburst galaxy some 10-million light years from the Milky Way. Intense waves from this area began around a year ago and have persisted, and the object emitting the signal appears to be moving at 4 times the speed of light. The object is "probably some form of stellar or intermediate mass black hole system with a mass of tens of solar masses around which an accretion disc is formed," Muxlow suggested. More here.

    Ectoplasm & Materializations

    First hour guest, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren talked about ectoplasm and psychic materializations. Sometimes in haunted places, reports are made of "slimy ooze that will drip down walls, considered to possibly be an expression of some very negative...energy that is congealing into this sort of amorphous, almost cancerous-like formation," he said. In other cases, more solid objects will drop into or appear in a room, he added. For more, see the photo below.


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    Ectoplasm? Joshua P. Warren sends us this still from his video at Myrtle's Plantation in Louisiana. In the mansion's most haunted room, a strange, blood-like ooze was visible only in the infrared realm. For more possible "psychic materializations," like the Washington, D.C. Jefferson Memorial rose that fell from the air, see: JoshuaPWarren.com.

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