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2010 Prophecies & Nostradamus


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    Prophecy expert John Hogue shared his own predictions for the rest of 2010, as well as material about the great seer Nostradamus. 2010 and 2011 will be recorded as years when the Earth heated up-- a veritable "temperature tsunami," he said, despite some of the unseasonable cold snaps. The melting of the permafrost has led to the warming of the climate, and we'll continue to see extreme weather and heat waves in parts of the US and S. Asia/India, he offered.

    Various astrological aspects are occurring this summer which could lead to major seismic events that could be political as well as physical, he noted. A number of huge earthquakes in the past have occurred when Uranus is influencing other planets, and we could see major shaking in such places as Southern California, he warned. He foresees a quiet hurricane season, except for one huge storm that could rival Hurricane Andrew, and possibly land in the Gulf Coast.

    His other predictions included an economic crisis in October, a diplomatic breakthrough for the US and Iran, and midterm elections that will likely keep the same balance of Democrats and Republicans. He also talked about Nostradamus' reference to "Mabus" as the third Antichrist, and various interpretations of the quatrain that mentions this. Interestingly, Nostradamus did not single out the year 2012 for anything noteworthy, Hogue added.

    Witchcraft Update

    First hour guest, witchcraft expert Fiona Horne discussed spells and meditations she uses in her daily practice. "You can tap into an innate sense of empowerment within yourself," she said, adding that there's also an inherent power in objects and things of the natural world which can be used create positive change.


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