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2012 & End Times


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    Author Whitley Strieber talked about a number of the historical, prophetic, scientific, and environmental inspirations behind his new novel, The Omega Point (promo video). A verse from the Book of Revelation in the New Testament referred to a final judgment, which he noticed was numbered 20:12, a coincidence that led him to believe there could be something to the many prophecies around the year 2012. "I think that this year (2012) is known at some level of consciousness to be an indicator year...In the future, when we look back at that year, we'll say, 'yes, that's the year when it all changed,'" he commented.

    The events in his book are set into motion when a solar observatory discovers increased energy entering our solar system, disturbing Earth, and the sun. Such a scenario could actually take place, as the patterns of the sun have been unusual of late, noted Strieber. Also figuring into his plot is the mysterious white powder gold, said to be used by the ancient Eygptians, and underground shelters which become a trap for the evil and arrogant when the major Earth changes begin occurring.

    The title Omega Point refers to a moment of transcendence when we go beyond the limits of space and time, he explained, adding that the signs of a next age are upon us. "We're going through the underworld-- the birth canal of mankind...being born into a new level of timelessness and innocence," he said.

    Oil Spill Update

    First hour guest, Capt. Kelly Sweeney shared updates and analysis of the Gulf oil spill and plans to fix it. There is concern over the condition of the leaking well, which could be caving in and not be strong enough to work with the planned relief wells, he reported. He also noted that below the surface of the water, the oil plumes are not being cleaned and could get into the current.


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    A mysterious cave on Mars was discovered by a group of 7th graders as part of the Mars Student Imaging Program. The students found a hole or "skylight" in the roof of a cave (pictured) where a lava tube might have collapsed near Pavonis Mons volcano. More on the discovery at Space.com.

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