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    During the first half of the program, George Knapp spoke with William Stillman, author of a trilogy of books about the spiritual aspects of autism. In the latter half of the show, Laura Hirsch discussed how she worked with a medium to discover the root cause of the condition.

    Describing autistics as "inherently gentle and exquisitely sensitive," Stillman decried the "myth and fallacy" which suggests that autism results in lower intellect. Instead, his research suggests that the condition is a neurological disorder which traps "completely competent" people inside of their bodies. Therefore, he argued, the condition heightens the autistic's senses and forces them into a state of "perceiving things seen and unseen." For example, he referenced autistics who are incapable of speech and mused that "when you live in silence, it's a perpetual state of meditation." As such, he said that this particular condition is comparable to religious figures who "deliberately enter into similar states of solitude in order to obtain a spiritual plateau of enlightenment."

    Based on his work with a number of autistic children and their families, Stillman noted that many of them have had a variety of paranormal experiences. One such phenomenon is a premonition of impending danger. Specifically, Stillman said that he has "collected more than a few examples" of instances where an autistic child has a tantrum while the family is driving on the highway, thus forcing them to pull over until order is restored. Upon returning to the road, they realize that the "time out" spared them from a multi-car traffic accident that occurred a few miles ahead of them. Additionally, Stillman said that he has seen evidence of telepathy, communication with animals, and even prenatal memories that autistic children claim to recall. Ultimately, these are the events that intrigue Stillman the most, as he observed "my focus is not on what causes autism, but what autism causes."

    Conversely, Laura Hirsch detailed her investigation into the cause of autism and the shocking answers she uncovered. The mother of an autistic child, Hirsch explained that she grew suspicious when her son suddenly developed autism between the age of 1 and 2. "Something happened to my child and I was determined to find out," she recalled. Since she was friends with a number of psychic mediums, she turned to the practice of channeling in the hopes of finding some insight as to what caused her son's condition. While she originally believed that the condition was caused solely by vaccinations, Hirsch revealed that the spirit communications told her something "completely different."

    According to the channeled messages, the recent wave of autism cases is caused by the MMR vaccine combining with "something else that everyone's been missing." This mystery ingredient, she was told, is the remnants of a military biological weapon that has been developed in secret. This weapon is a "primitive anthrax" in the form of a powder, that has been escaping from the facility and spreading via the wind and contaminating the air, soil, and water of the United States. Rather than a conspiracy to afflict the nation, Hirsch said that "it's something they don't realize is happening." She lamented that "we're making something to use on our enemies, but its harming our people in the meantime."

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