Open Lines

Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJim Karol, David Ruben, Open Lines

The latter half of the show featured Open Lines. Bob in Granada Hills, California, claimed to have extraordinary psychic abilities which allow him to change the temperature of a room, and even jolt sleeping roommates from their slumber simply by thinking about it. He also maintains that he has telekinetically moved a 10-pound lamp from one end of a table to the other. A caller named Paul said he grew up in a paranormally active house on a haunted street in Louisville, Kentucky. According to Paul, a Native American burial ground had been desecrated during construction of his neighborhood. Restless spirits known as "fog people" could be seen roaming the alleys between houses, Paul noted. He wished the current occupants well, but said no one has ever lived in the house for more than two years.

Josh in Silver Spring, Maryland, told George about a disturbing voicemail his former girlfriend received one evening, precisely at midnight. Josh said he was waiting in the car when his girlfriend returned from shopping and noticed that she had a message. After hearing part of the voicemail, Josh said his girlfriend screamed and dropped the phone. According to Josh, the strange three-minute message included a demonic sounding voice proclaiming, "I can see you," then Josh's own voice saying, "I'm waiting for you," followed by an unknown woman's voice. Josh remains mystified to this day, especially about his part of the mysterious voicemail, as he did not have a phone and could not have left the message.

Memory Skills

In the first hour, George caught up with entertainer and mentalist Jim Karol, who talked about his career and latest book, The Psychic Madman, as well as demonstrated his remarkable memory. Karol said he devotes five to six hours each day to practicing memory skills, such as memorizing over 80,000 zip codes. George randomly asked him if he could recall the city and state represented by 96743; Karol correctly identified it as belonging to Kamuela, Hawaii. Karol also mentioned a recurring dream about strange silvery people in a cornfield that he's had since childhood, his successful 1990 lottery prediction dream, and a recent one about a volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean that plunges the US into a deep winter.

Dreams & Intuition

Motivational expert David Ruben (audio programs) continued on the topic of dreams in the second hour. According to Ruben, dreams are where the third and fourth dimensions intersect, a place he calls "the bus stop between worlds." It is in the altered state of dreaming that ominous truths can be revealed, he explained, noting the importance of trusting the intuitive perceptions one brings out of the dream world. As an example, Ruben recounted a dream he had about his little boy being crushed under a car as it rolled down a steep driveway. Three days later the exact circumstances unfolded in real life, Ruben said, but this time he was able to pull his son to safety. Ruben also spoke about a dream in which he was almost murdered by a giant life-draining tube worm, as well as a boyhood encounter he had with a bat-winged demonic entity, and a weird confrontation in Santa Barbara with a 3-ft tall man with blood red skin and yellow eyes who claimed to be from hell.



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