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    In the first half of the program, George Noory was joined by Richard C. Hoagland for a discussion on the potential catastrophic dangers that could result from the accumulation of methane in the Gulf. He pointed to evidence which suggests that a massive bulge of methane is forming beneath the ocean floor. Should it suddenly burst, Hoagland warned, the methane would reduce the buoyancy of the water, causing large ships in the area to "sink like a rock," killing thousands of people instantly. Subsequently, the collapse of the bulge would cause water to fill the hole and create a tsunami that would hit anyone within a mile or two of the Gulf within minutes. In light of this theory, he posited that the lack of action coming from Washington is because they know of this potential danger and are trying to protect people by not filling the Gulf with boats as part of a clean-up effort.

    Unfortunately, Hoagland lamented, since BP's mud log data is proprietary and unavailable to independent scientists, there is no way of predicting when such an event may occur. Therefore, he urged C2C listeners to contact Louisiana resident and prominent TV pundit James Carville, in the hopes of creating momentum in the mainstream media for this information to be made public. Beyond that, Hoagland's advice for people in the area was simply "get out of the Gulf region of Mexico because the Feds are not telling you the real danger." For those residents unable or unwilling to leave the region, he advised that the methane in the air carries a "huge cocktail of bizarre gases" that could prove deadly, immediately or over time, if inhaled. As such, he suggested that people in the area acquire gas masks to breathe and an ozone generator to purify the air, "otherwise, you gotta move, you gotta leave, you can't keep breathing this air."


    In the latter half of the show, medium James Van Praagh returned to C2C and introduced British TV personality and fellow medium Tony Stockwell to the U.S. Together, they shared stories about contact with the dead. On how the British audience reacts to mediumship, Stockwell observed that they "take it all very much in their stride" and often ask for a tremendous amount of detail from his readings. Van Praagh, who met Stockwell during a tour of the UK, expressed surprise that the British audience was so somber, especially since he likes to "scream and yell and laugh" during his events. Although it is rare for two mediums to work together on the same stage, Van Praagh said that it allowed for the unique feat of being able to "link in to one person and bring through a message from the same spirit."

    Reflecting on some of their experiences, Stockwell noted that the process of mediumship can change with each session, where one night could be filled with "dramatic encounters with the spirit world" and another may be "a gaggle of grandmothers." One reading, which he called particularly educational, saw him sharing a message to a mother from her child who had died of leukemia. While he expected her to be relieved to hear from her lost son, she expressed remorse that Stockwell hadn't told her who was taking care of her son in the afterlife. "That information," he noted, "is as vital as maybe any name or address that could be offered from a medium." To that end, van Praagh pointed out the phenomenon of "shell shock" that happens to audience members who are so stunned to be hearing from their loved ones that they forget such little details in the first place.


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