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    In the first half of the program, hypnotherapist and author Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed evidence of visits to our time and the distant past by time travelers from the future. According to Goldberg, time travel will be discovered around the year 3050 by a man named Taatos. Four different kinds of time travelers, or chrononauts, utilize Taatos' discovery to shift into the fifth dimension, where they travel to our time and observe us undetected, Goldberg explained.

    As proof of all of this time travel, Goldberg pointed to an artist's illustration of a Stone Age etching found in a cave near Lussac-les-Chateaux, France. The ancient sketch shows what appears to be a young woman, perhaps a chrononaut, wearing modern-type clothing. In addition, Goldberg believes that prehistoric dinosaur petroglyphs in Arizona and Utah may have been carved by time travelers tens of millions of years ago. Goldberg credited these time travelers with introducing advanced technology to the ancient world, as possibly recorded in an Egyptian hieroglyph from the Dendera Temple.

    The time travelers' purpose seems to be to facilitate our spiritual growth towards ascension (the perfection of the soul and end of reincarnation), Goldberg said. He also offered some guidelines for practicing out-of-body experiences, as well as shared a fascinating case involving teleportation. Goldberg said a woman named Vivian had been pushed out of a moving car by her abusive boyfriend, and was able to teleport to her apartment before being hit by oncoming traffic. Her disappearance was observed by both the boyfriend and a driver who almost struck her, he added.


    During Open Lines, Doug in St. Louis reported hearing a Banshee scream in his family's 140-year-old home. The cry of the Banshee is said to be an omen of death. According to Doug, the same night he and his wife heard a mysterious scream from the hallway next to their bedroom, his mother-in-law suffered a stroke. Another caller named Doug told George about his time travel visions into the future. Doug said he experienced life in the years 2312 and 2525, as well as in the 31st century. Dan from New Jersey described being tormented by a ventriloquist puppet named Dummy. Dan claimed the pesky puppet could move by itself and randomly appeared around the house to terrorize him. When he could take no more, Dan said he hacked up Dummy with steak knife and disposed of the remains in a garbage truck.


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    Appearing briefly at the beginning of the third hour of the 7/16/10 show, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren spoke about his upcoming trip to Key West, FL, to investigate an allegedly haunted doll known as Robert. To see video of Robert, as well as learn how you can meet Warren in Key West and get certified in his one-night workshop there, visit joshuapwarren.com.

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