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    During the first half of the program, George Noory welcomed author Elissa Al-Chokhachy, who discussed some of the 'miraculous moments' of after-life communication that she has collected via her work as a hospice nurse. Al-Chokhachy described such events as "a moment of grace which reassures us that life does continue on beyond physical death."

    She recalled one tale where a woman was dying and, just prior to her death, she saw her five-year-old grandson, who was killed in a tragic gun accident. The dying woman described the boy as "smiling and waving," Al-Chokhachy marveled. The sighting, she said, not only brought hope to the grandmother but comforted the whole family which had been haunted by the accident for years. Al-Chokhachy was skeptical of the idea that these incidents are merely the product of a dying patient's mind, because it is often the healthy, bereaved relatives who have the experiences. To that end, she told the story of a grandmother who promised to communicate with her granddaughter after she passed away. After her death, the grandmother did appear to the little girl, who was "wide awake and as lucid as can be."

    Based on her experience in the field, Al-Chokhachy declared that the "vast majority" of hospice workers are believers in some kind of afterlife. She attributed this belief to their frequent presence around the dying process and remarked that "you can't not believe" after the stories continue to accumulate. These 'miraculous moments' are so pervasive, Al-Chokhachy said, that she is constantly told stories from hospice workers who have either had their own experiences or heard tales from their co-workers. "I used to think this was just an occasional thing that happened," reflected Al-Chokhachy, "but everywhere I go, somebody tells me a story."

    Open Lines:

    The latter half of the show was devoted to Open Lines and included a number of callers who shared their stories of 'miraculous moments.' Evan in Toronto recalled having a dream that his best friend Eric had died. Although they laughed about the dream the next day, a few months later Evan received word, while traveling overseas, that Eric had passed away. His friend would later come to him in another dream and said that he was sad about his father, who was dying of cancer. When Evan woke up, he found out that Eric's father had, indeed, died that night.

    Dianne in Long Beach, California told the story of rushing to her mother's bedside as she was clinging to life. Despite a three-hour trek to get there, her mother was still alive when she arrived, much to the surprise of the hospice nurse. Upon finding out the date, Dianne expressed sadness that her mother would die on the seventh of November, since she really loved the number eight. However, the nurse was doubtful that Dianne's mother could hang on past midnight. Remarkably, she did persevere, and subsequently passed away on November 8th, 2008 at 12:08 AM.

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