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'Second Chance' Open Lines


  • Robinson: Sauchie Poltergeist Case
  • Second Chance Stories
  • Sasquatch Scream & JC's Rant
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    George Noory hosted a night of Open Lines, featuring a special 'Second Chances' line. Tim in Florida wished he could take back telling his wife that he would never speak to her again, as she was struck by a car and killed that same night. He also described his practice of lucid dreaming. Mike from Arizona told George he regretted stealing $10,000 from a bank ATM in 1991. Mike said he turned himself in, got probation, and has since made restitution payments of approximately two-thirds the amount he took.

    Rodlene in Washington believes she has been given a second chance, after a fall at work caused serious injuries to her brain and spine. Despite the painful recovery, Rodlene credits the experience with teaching her how to slow down a once hectic life. Elaina from New York City recounted how she got her second chance by forming a rock band after a decade-long bout with depression.

    Notorious repeat caller JC (boilingpitsofsewage@yahoo.com) phoned in with a rant about the cultural corruption of America and the rise of "Muslimism". He also provided an update on his search for Edna Pringle, a former companion who escaped from his compound several years ago. Sid, a self-proclaimed immortal from Edmonton, Canada, described what it is like to have been alive for the last five centuries. Sid said he mostly enjoys watching and learning about global conflicts.

    Scotland's Paranormal

    In the first hour, researcher and author Malcolm Robinson discussed paranormal cases from Scotland. Robinson said his interest in the strange and mysterious began when he was a young boy, but he later set out to disprove such phenomena were real. After years of investigating, Robinson concluded that "most, if not all, of the cases [he has] researched do have a paranormal origin."

    Robinson shared details from one of Scotland's most famous poltergeist cases. The bizarre events were connected to a young girl, Virginia Campbell, who in 1961 grudgingly moved with her family from Ireland to Sauchie, Scotland. Soon after, a series of bizarre events unfolded, including inexplicable knockings on the walls and bed, burning smells, moving pillows, and levitating desks. Robinson also spoke briefly about different interpretations of ghosts, his own paranormal experiences, and the time he explored Loch Ness in a submarine.


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