Paranormal Investigation Special

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Paranormal Investigation Special


  • Johnson: Child Hauntings
  • Haney: Experiments & Spirits
  • Myers: Hauntings & Investigations
  • About the show

    In individual half-hour segments, top paranormal investigators from across the US, shared insights about their common task of investigating ghosts, demons, and paranormal disturbances. First, Brian Johnson of the Peace of Mind Paranormal Society (P.O.M.P.S.) in Pittsburgh, PA talked about some of their cases that involve the spirits of children. He said they address these entities just like they would their own children, and try to convince them to cross over to the Other Side. Their team has developed a new line of IR Illuminators that make night shots much brighter, he added.

    Eric Haney of the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society in Ohio spoke about one of his first encounters with the paranormal-- at an abandoned mansion in Bratton, Ohio, where he saw a black shadow that was about 5½ ft. tall and wearing 1940s-style clothes. During investigations, he said he's had things thrown at him, and been pushed, but he thinks the entities are just seeking attention rather than trying to hurt anyone. Starting Hour 2, Rev. Clarissa Vazquez from the Colorado Coalition of Paranormal Investigators discussed their group's preference of approaching investigations from a scientific rather than supernatural perspective. She described her Phantom Hitchhiker Project in which she recorded EVPs at locations where there had been roadside fatalities.

    Greg Myers of the Paranormal Task Force based in St. Louis, spoke about a haunted restaurant, the Tri-County Truck Stop on old Route 66 in Villa Ridge, MO. He witnessed a coffee pot levitating off the warming burner, full visual apparitions, and a light bulb and butcher knife thrown at them by something unseen. Dale Kaczmarek with the Ghost Research Society out of the Chicago area mentioned that the Windy City is "literally infested with ghosts and there are more than 300 public sites in Chicago that are haunted." Using 35mm and infrared film, he has captured an array of spirit photographs, including semi-transparent and shadow figures.

    Kicking off the 4th hour, Patti Starr of the Kentucky-based Ghost Chasers International shared her intuitional and mediumistic methods she uses to communicate with spirits. Todd Sheets of Nightwatch Radio recounted how he helped create a haunted house Halloween attraction in Kansas City-- and the house they built it in was actually haunted. People on the tour would say they were pushed, grabbed or spoken at, when none of the actors were near by.

    Ahmadinejad & 9-11 Conspiracies

    First half-hour guest, architect Richard Gage commented on 9-11 "truth" and Ahmadinejad's recent statement suggesting that the September 11th terrorist attacks were a plot by the US government. While he doesn't find the Iranian president to be particularly credible, some of the ideas he presented do have validity, said Gage, citing evidence for the controlled demolition of the WTC buildings.

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