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    Longtime paranormal investigator Paul Eno discussed various ghost cases that he's worked on, as well as his theory regarding parallel realms. "Many of the things we interpret as ghosts are actually people living parallel worlds that impinge upon on ours," he suggested. As an example, he cited his investigation of a haunting at a church in Virginia. While there, he communicated with an entity who said he was a janitor at a Roman Catholic convent, and sought forgiveness from God. Yet, there was no such convent in the area, Eno noted.

    Eno's son, Benjamin, who has taken after his father in the field of paranormal investigations, joined the program for a segment to talk about a case in a Vermont home, where a demonic entity (or parasite) fed off the negative energy of a police officer and his wife. He also described a mediumistic encounter with an alien grey-type being, whom he said sought passage from one realm to another.

    Paul Eno discounted the idea of the "Other Side," noting that various beings are already where they're supposed to be-- "essentially, I believe you make your own bed in the multiverse; it's all part of nature...when your conscious body passes on you just become conscious of another place where you are, according to the path of least resistance." He also recounted a host of strange phenomena that has occurred at a Connecticut farmhouse, and a tale of a ghostly grandfather who gently guided his own five-year-old grandson toward a peaceful death from leukemia.

    Eno also mentioned that he teaches the course "Science, Religion, and the Paranormal" through International Metaphysical University (IMU).

    Mortgages & Foreclosures

    First hour guest, real estate insider Peter Hebert talked about mortgages and foreclosures. The current situation of many home foreclosures being put on hold was brought about by sloppy paperwork on the banks' part, he commented. Hebert advised the average homeowner to think of themselves like a private corporation-- with their own board of directors-- which means a really good loan officer, accountant or CPA, real estate agent, and attorney.


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    At a home in York County, Maine, Paul Eno believes a spirit 'parasite' may have been able to interact from another dimension. The pictured doll has been caught on video moving, "at the apparent behest of the parasite," Eno writes. More here.

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