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Monsters & Creatures

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Brad Steiger

In the first half of the show, author Brad Steiger shared some of his research into purportedly true cases of encounters with monsters and creatures. "The monster has always been with us, always, since the earliest days of our human experience," Steiger said, pointing to the ancient Franco-Cambrian cave wall drawings of half-man, half-animal beings. Many of these monsters, or entities, are what he called paraphysical -- from another dimension and only here for a certain time.

Steiger believes bigfoot could be a paraphysical entity. This may explain why finding one in the wild has proven so difficult. Steiger himself claimed to have once had the ape-like creature cornered on an expedition, but never found the actual being. Nonetheless, he has recovered scat and hair that may be from the beast. According to Steiger, an analysis of the hair sample revealed it was humanoid in origin, but not fully human. He also suggested that what some perceive as bigfoot could be the ghost of a giant ape that once roamed the continent.

Steiger reported on a young boy's encounter with a seemingly benevolent bogey man that appeared as "the Walt Disney version of the wolf in the Three Little Pigs." Steiger thinks this entity may have simply been trying to show the young boy a reality beyond that of his day-to-day existence. Malignant entities interact with people as well. Demons, or spirit parasites, use human bodies to commit obscene acts and destroy the lives of their hosts, he continued. Many psychiatrists are beginning to take demon possession seriously, Steiger added, noting that some people in mental institutions may be legitimately possessed.

Steiger recounted the story of Laura Starr Latta, who died tragically in 1899, one month before her 20th birthday. According to legend, her tormented spirit can be seen walking a lonely stretch of Arkansas' Highway 64 on dark and rainy nights. Steiger also talked about phantom black dogs that herald doom, dinosaurs that still walk the earth, the headless horseman, and a Mexican policeman's frightening encounter with a flying humanoid.

'Full Moon' Open Lines

During 'Full Moon' Open Lines, Patrick in Ypsilanti, Michigan described seeing 18 geometrically-perfect shafts of light, like those on a graphic equalizer, fill the sky during a camping trip. Patrick has no explanation for what he witnessed that night. A trucker named Jim recalled the time he was outside on a break from an A.A. Meeting when he saw a spinning sphere-like object, about the size of dime, near the moon. Jim claims several dozen people also witnessed it.

Bob from Reno, Nevada told George he was on a hunting trip in Oregon when something began breathing on the back of his neck. According to Bob, he was paralyzed with fear, and could not only smell the rancid breath, but also see it in the cold morning air as it poured around his head. Bob said whatever it was stood there for only 30 to 45 seconds, then exited through some bushes. It was covered in fur, he added.

Mike in Cedar Rapids, Iowa claimed to have had a shadow person sighting in Jamaica. The dark silhouette had two red eyes, appeared to be wearing a long coat and cowboy hat, and was smoking a cigarette, Mike explained. Paul from Snowflake, Arizona talked about his encounter with an unidentifiable beast in the desert. Paul specifically remembered the creature's glowing red eyes, and advised people against hitchhiking in that area of the Arizona wilderness.



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Brad Steiger sent us some illustrations of various monsters to accompany his appearance on Friday's show.

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