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    Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeath, of Ghost Investigator's Society (G.I.S.), joined Art Bell for the entire program to discuss their latest paranormal adventures and present a new batch of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings, which some believe are the actual sounds of formerly-living disembodied spirits. McBeath said she once recorded the voice of a deceased friend, though she acknowledged that EVPs could also be coming from beings that never had a body. Cook admitted that he continues this kind research to learn whether or not there really is something on the Other Side.

    Among the chilling recordings the two shared was a set from Artists & Heirlooms, an antique store and art gallery in Ogden, Utah, where people have reported seeing the ghost of a man in a felt hat. On one of the clips McBeath asks about the man in the hat, to which a voice cryptically responds, "I hit his back." In another bit of audio, a creepy growling male voice notifies them, "This is my room." On what may be the most tragic recording of the evening Cook can be heard asking, "Can you tell us what it's like where you're at?" A child's voice replies, "I didn't eat today." Cook suggested that our physical cravings could carry over into death.

    The next series of clips were recorded at an old theater, purportedly a location known for its paranormal activity. On one, a G.I.S. investigator remarks about a noise, after which a young girl can be heard declaring, "I see a hole down there." At the same place, the group picked up what sounds like an inquisitive child asking to see their equipment. Cook and McBeath, who usually provide a verbal transcript of their recordings, offered another EVP for listeners to guess what had been said. An informal Fast Blast poll revealed that most heard, "Come back." Perhaps even more interesting, the voice seemed to be an immediate response to Cook instructing the group to leave the area.

    The pair played other EVPs, including one of a crying baby in cemetery, a woman warning against opening a door, and a lady singing in a foreign tongue. Several listeners offered their opinions via Fast Blast about what language was being spoken by the woman, but a consensus seemed to emerge around Polish. McBeath and Cook also provided recordings from a park in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Cook became frustrated with his equipment and stormed out of a house there. After the door closes, a female's voice says, "That was funny." At that same location, the team also recorded EVPs telling them to "Get out." Some clips from a Victorian mansion were equally disturbing, with one child's voice informing Cook, "She knows you're alone."


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    The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) will be broadcasting live on Halloween from the historic Central Terminal in Buffalo, NY. On a previous visit, the group caught a mysterious figure walking into frame on one of their thermal cameras (pictured). Another paranormal outfit, the Western New York Ghost Hunters, captured an EVP there of a young boy who told them, "They call me Zachary." Full video report at WKBW News 7.

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