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The Global Future


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    President and founder of The Arlington Institute, John L. Petersen, is considered by many to be one of the most informed futurists in the world. He discussed the global implications of changes that will be occurring after 2012. Indicators are that we are on the verge of substantial change coming from a variety of areas-- "it seems to be a fundamental resetting or reconfiguration of the basis of how we all live on this planet and who we are," he mused. One factor is that our planet and the solar system is transiting through an area of the galaxy that exposes us to higher levels of cosmic rays, and this can affect the sun's behavior, all living things, and even our DNA, he said.

    It's possible that during this transition to a new era, Petersen continued, we may discover that we are part of a binary sun system, as a hidden brown dwarf swings into a closer orbit, and affects the dynamics of Earth. As we move on a path toward becoming "new humans," conventional approaches to problems won't be effective, and the government especially won't be responsive to change, he cautioned.

    Petersen hailed the Internet as the start of a global nervous system. He foresees that within three years we'll see a new breakthrough in capabilities, allowing people to interface with individuals and groups by being projected into a room with them, with the interpersonal relationships replicated as if you were really there. Several chapters from a multimedia project he's involved with, Transforming through 2012, are available for free, online.

    House Clearing

    First hour guest, Sheldon Norberg talked about his work clearing houses of negative energy. People who die from suicides or traumatic situations sometimes leave vibrational energies or thought forms that can make a room feel very uncomfortable, he noted, adding that some spirits of the deceased can become attached to their former homes. He employs intuitive and meditative processes to shift the energies and restore balance to an affected place.

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