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    Journalist Jim Marrs made a case for why he believes there is a conspiracy of a handful of elite against the masses. According to Marrs, these elite wish to significantly reduce the number of people on the planet and control the rest. Britain's Prince Philip summed up this attitude when he stated that he wished to reincarnate as a deadly virus in order to reduce the world's population, Marrs noted. To that end, the elite have launched a eugenics attack with genetically modified foods, vaccines, chemtrails, and water fluoridation, he added.

    Marrs referenced George Orwell's 1984, which saw the world divided into a few economic blocks or unions. The elite play the blocks against each other for maximum control, while pushing the populace toward an acceptance of a one world government, he explained. They exercise numerous mechanisms of control, including regulations that give banks control over customers' money, fear mongering campaigns on global warming and health care, and the ever-increasing debt crisis. Marrs warned against national (and personal) money borrowing, suggested people prepare for hard times ahead, and lauded the potential economic benefits of America issuing interest-free money.

    Marrs listed some frightening affronts to privacy and freedom, specifically identifying the Walmart/Homeland Security snitch program, warrantless vehicle monitoring and searches by police in certain states, the global spy program known as ECHELON, and the very public outcry over airport security scanners. Marrs said former Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, represents Rapiscan -- the company selling the scanners. If they really make people safer in the air, why did TSA turn off the scanners on the busiest travel day of the year, he questioned. He also pointed out that radiation given off by these scanners has been shown to "uncouple your DNA."

    Marrs encouraged Americans to pay attention, to see the people behind the scenes looting the country, and to stand firm against being controlled by them. He spoke briefly about the Kennedy assassination, the recent sighting of a mysterious missile off the southern California coast, and the difference between a democracy and a republic as well.

    UFO/ET Topics

    In the first hour, Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, commented on several UFO/ET related topics, including the promised Wikileaks disclosure, Zecharia Sitchin's theory about humankind's alien ancestry and possible return of the Anunnaki, and NORAD officer Stanley Fulham's prediction of face-to-face communication with ETs in 2014. "There's not even a question anymore that disclosure is right around the corner," Luckman said. He also spoke about his investigation into a supposed landing of a UFO at Holloman AFB, the strange physical changes he witnessed in crystal skulls during a Mayan ceremony, and an upcoming film about an intergalactic 'battle of the bands' called Alien Rock Band.

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