FDA Censorship / Unmanned Weaponry

FDA Censorship / Unmanned Weaponry


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJonathan Emord, John Ronner

Constitutional lawyer specializing in food and drug law, Jonathan Emord, discussed the conflict of interests found within the FDA and their history with hiding the negative aspects of prescription drugs as well as the benefits of natural remedies. Additionally, he also talked about his research into unmanned military technology. "The agency is a captive of the drug industry, unfortunately," Emord lamented about the FDA, "that has caused it to be a broken agency. It approves unsafe drugs, knowingly." To illustrate his point, he detailed the saga of the drug Avandia, where reviewers inside the FDA repeatedly warned of dangerous side effects but were continually dismissed by their superiors. He cited one reviewer who was told by his superior in the agency that the FDA "had to maintain good relations with the drug companies because they are our customers."

Emord asserted that 15 to 20% of prescription drugs on the market today are "so obviously unsafe as to warrant their removal from the market." He explained that these are newer drugs, aggressively pushed into the marketplace by pharmaceutical companies in order to replace older and safer drugs whose patents had expired. According to Emord, the effect of this dangerous favoring of profit over safety has resulted in "over 290,000 deaths a year from the proper use of drugs prescribed by doctors." Compounding the problem, he said, the FDA is so beholden to the pharmaceutical industry that it also aggressively "forbids any statement that a nutrient treats a disease" whether there is proof or not. The simple reason for this, he said, is because if people started using nutrients to improve their wellness, then they would no longer need to turn to the drugs sold by pharmaceutical companies.

In discussing his research into unmanned military technology, an enthusiastic Emord declared that such weaponry will "change the face of battle." To that end, he stressed that, beyond their utilitarian benefits, these weapons will be powerful forces of psychological warfare. Calling them the "perfect antidote" to terrorism, Emord explained that once terrorists are identified within a region, they will be subject to unending surveillance and the "constant fear of immediate destruction." While unmanned vehicles have been in use for decades, he noted that they have particularly come into vogue in recent years as technology has improved, growing from 50 unmanned aircraft in 2000 to over 7,000 today. Ultimately, he said, the military hopes to use such unmanned devices on all three stages of the battlefield: air, land, and sea.

Angelic Encounters:

In the first hour, author John Ronner talked about encounters with angels. He described the "mysterious stranger" as one prevalent type of angelic meeting. In these instances, the entity "appears at an odd moment when you desperately need help" and seems to know all about the predicament. He observed that such encounters are "dream like," in that the person being helped never ponders the nature of the meeting until the stranger has departed. Ronner speculated that the angelic realm is merely a part of the larger universe which also contains our physical world. As such, he mused that modern science has "finally started catching up with the theologians and mystics," as it learns more about the complex structure of the universe which may allow for entities such as angels.

News segment guest: Jeff Nelken - foodsafetycoach.com



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