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    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe shared reports on unusual bright orange lights observed over ocean beaches in Florida, people's encounters with lizard-skinned beings, and a glowing, 'gyroscope'-shaped craft that has been seen in Florida, Japan & Tunisia. Regarding the sightings of strange lights in Florida, she played two interviews that she conducted with government officials from the area who investigated separate, but similar, incidents from around the same time frame. One official was the Naples, Florida fire chief, Stephen McInerny, who personally saw the strange event. He described it as approximately seven lights that kept changing into different symmetrical shapes. Ultimately, he opined that the actions of these lights suggested that they were not flares nor something from our own military. More here.

    In her second segment, Howe interviewed a man dubbed 'Mr. Jones,' who had an encounter with a reptilian-like entity in 1977. According to Jones, he woke up from sleeping when he realized he was floating and, subsequently, floated through the walls of his house into his driveway. He then caught a glimpse of a dome-like vehicle around the corner of his house and went to investigate. Turning the corner, he locked eyes with two beings that had dark green skin and large black eyes. He described their skin as rough like bark and having a color similar to the outside of an avocado. The stare down resulted in Jones being paralyzed and feeling as if he was grabbing an electrical circuit. When he was finally able to free himself from the stare, Jones was quickly and violently floated back to his bed. Wondering if it had all been a dream, he noted that his clothes were still cold from being outside and he saw the greenish glow of the craft slowly dissipate as if it were leaving the area.

    Bringing things back around to her first segment, Howe then shared a report featuring two separate sightings of 'gyroscope'-shaped craft in Tunisia and Japan, respectively. The first interview was with a former Peace Corps volunteer named John, who saw the object in August of 1988. He recalled that it featured bizarre vivid colors that he'd "never seen on an airplane." Looking back on the event, he observed that, while the sighting happened very quickly, it also all seemed to "be in slow motion." The second interview was with a former professional wrestler who had a similar sighting while touring Japan in 1998. "Jack," as he was called, saw the strange lights while traveling on a tour bus between shows. Eerily, he had seen a picture of the "exact same" object just a few weeks prior to his sighting, during a dinner with a wealthy Japanese real estate mogul. The man told him that the craft was one of many strange objects belonging to "Star People" and that witnesses had seen it land in the remote mountainous areas of the country and extract something from the ground.

    Evaluating Teachers

    During the first hour, retired San Francisco teacher Tom Berg talked about issues surrounding education evaluation. He put forward the argument that the No Child Left Behind act has had a deleterious effect on how both teachers and students are evaluated. To that end, Berg observed that teachers who "get those standards pounded into kids heads using very, very fearful terroristic techniques" get rewarded. Additionally, he declared that No Child Left Behind "turns kids into compliant zombies and it rewards the most submissive kids." As far as how to best evaluate the quality of an educator, Berg suggested that input from students should be taken seriously, because they spend the most time with their teachers and can attest to who is best engaging them in the learning process.

    News segment guest: Douglas Hagmann - homelandsecurity.us

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