Understanding Angels

Understanding Angels


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJohn Ronner, Scott Degenhardt, Jerome Corsi

Author John Ronner discussed the history of angels, and various types of encounters with them, as well as shared death experiences. He was joined during the second hour by Scott Degenhardt who recounted his encounter with his father's spirit. "I could feel the freshness of him having just left his physical body...we were having this wonderful reunion," he said, adding that he saw a tunnel open up and in it he could sense an entire realm of spiritual beings. An overseer spoke to his father, telling him that it was time to go, and they entered the tunnel, which then snapped closed.

Angelic encounters or interventions can take on different qualities, including hearing voices, Ronner reported. For instance, a woman trapped in her Florida home during Hurricane Andrew heard a voice telling her to put out her hand. When she did, a cushion flew into it that she used to protect herself during the storm. Ronner personally investigated a Wyoming case, in which a deranged man brought a bomb to an elementary school, and some of the children saw spiritual beings who warned them to move to a different location.

Angels, who could be considered entities that are more evolved than humans in spiritual form, have their own hierarchy. The most popular theory about angelic hierarchies is by Dionysius from around 500 AD, in which he proposed there are nine different orders, with the seraphim being the highest, and the guardian angels at the bottom of the scale, concerned with looking after human beings. Interestingly, in the Middle Ages, people kept diaries about their angelic encounters, and the more they focused on it, the more the encounters occurred, Ronner detailed.

Economy & Shroud of Turin

First hour guest, author Jerome Corsi shared updates on the economy and the Shroud of Turin. In the coming year, he foresees increased bankruptcies in the European Union, as well as the United States, and a rise in the price of oil. Regarding the Shroud, he said it was incredible to see the cloth in person, which looks to him like a radiation burn.

At the close of the show, George played Christian Wilde's rendition of Mary's Boy Child.

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