Christmas Eve Special

Hosted byGeorge Noory

Christmas Eve Special


  • Warren: Santa, Elves, & Paranormal
  • Guiley: Ghosts, Angels, & the Holidays
  • Fanthorpe: Christmas & Spirits
  • About the show

    George Noory and friends celebrated Christmas Eve together on a live edition of the program. In the first hour, author and investigator Joshua P. Warren shared a Christmas Paranormal moment, discussing how sightings of Santa could relate to tulpas or thought forms. As many people are focused on the idea of Santa, their thoughts can be changed into frequencies that physically manifest themselves, he explained. Warren also shared a recent spooky encounter when he was snowed in at his museum (a former jail site) in Asheville. While sleeping overnight there, he was awakened by scratching noises, and then unseen hands yanked a coat off him.

    Following Warren, four guests appeared in individual half-hour segments. First, author Rosemary Ellen Guiley talked about the Christmas Eve tradition of telling ghost stories by the hearthside. She also shared an account of a woman struggling with alcohol who had an angelic-type encounter that changed the course of her life. Next, Dr. Roger Leir expounded on alien implants, suggesting they may provide the strongest evidence yet for ET visitation and alien abduction.

    Lionel Fanthorpe joined the show at the top of the third hour, sharing his thoughts on the spirit of generosity, which he said was exemplified by the innkeeper at Bethlehem who had no rooms when the pregnant Mary arrived, but cleaned out the stable for her to stay. He also related the intriguing testimony of a Texas woman who woke up on Christmas Eve, and saw what looked like a traditional Santa Claus in the adjoining room. He appeared transparent and she could see the Christmas tree lights through him. Intuitive researcher David Wilcock said he thinks the meaning of Christmas is "ultimately [about] the promise of achieving some sort of metaphysical transformation," as well as the bonding and joy shared among loved ones at this time of year.

    The evening closed with an hour of Miracle Open Lines, & various Christmas-themed audio clips.

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