The Power of 528 Hz

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The Power of 528 Hz


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    Guest host Rob Simone (email) was joined by Dr. Len Horowitz, authority on public health and consumer protection, for a discussion on the remarkable properties of the 528 Hz frequency. "The way that the entire universe is constructed," he claimed, "is through a musical, mathematical matrix composed of nine core creative frequencies." Based on his research, Horowitz contended that the 528 Hz frequency is the key component of this matrix.

    He explained that NASA studies show that the sun's output contains 528 Hz as "kind of a central frequency within it." In turn, he said, this frequency can also be found in oxygen as a result of the photosynthesis of plants. "All of the botanical world is actually celebrating the 528 Hz frequency," Horowitz declared. Ultimately, he observed that the frequency can be found in "the heart of everything" including sacred geometry as well as everyday sounds such as laughter, sighing, and yawning. Additionally, he said that the frequency has remarkable healing powers, including the ability to repair damaged DNA. While 528 Hz may not be well known to the everyday populace, Horowitz mused that "people are inherently aware, in their hearts, of this frequency. It resonates in their heart as joy."

    Horowitz also alleged that the current standard tuning frequency of A440 Hz is the result of a nefarious conspiracy aimed at blocking the power of the 528 Hz frequency. According to him, A440 Hz was chosen as the standard because "military acoustic warfare research" determined that it was the most dissonant and stressful frequency. Horowitz said that this reliance on A440 Hz results in a suppression of the 528 Hz frequency in humans. Concurrently, the "left brain, egoic mind" is stimulated by A440 Hz, which he called a "major factor" in science "becoming the new God." However, Horowitz said, as knowledge of the 528 Hz frequency becomes more prevalent, musicians are now making instruments tuned to the powerful resonance. "Globally, we have a musical revolution," he mused, "we call it the '528 Love Revolution.'"

    The Wayshower

    In the first hour, director and actor, Jsu Garcia, talked about his new film The Wayshower - a complex spiritual journey about a guilt-ridden man searching to understand the connection to his guru. The film, he said, is based on his own life experiences working with author John-Roger, who has served as his spiritual advisor since the late 1980's. Beyond merely being an inspiration for the film, John-Roger also served as a kind of co-director to Garcia, who said that "a lot of the internal messages I was getting on making my decisions were coming from counseling with him inside." Garcia noted that the title of the film, The Wayshower, comes from the moniker given to John-Roger in the 1970's, since he rebuffed being called by the more popular New Age term "guru."


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