Unusual Moments

Unusual Moments


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Adam Catlin

George Noory hosted a night of Open Lines, offering a special line for callers who wanted to share their 'unusual moments'. Margery in Sacramento recalled her first astral projection experience, which she explained was followed about a year later by an odd incident at a bookstore in Salt Lake City. According to Margery, a book on astral projection mysteriously fell from the top of a bookshelf and struck her on the head. Margery said she purchased the book, practiced the exercises within it, and was soon able to astral project at will. Unfortunately, the astral projection episodes eventually began to happen involuntarily, she added.

Diane from Hot Springs, Arkansas, told George about one of her dogs that had gotten wrapped around a tree and was choking. As she was attempting to free the dog, a unusual-looking man with a light complexion, blond hair, blue eyes, and wearing a black coat and black hat (like Abraham Lincoln) appeared, Diane revealed. At that moment, the dog's collar broke off and it took off, she noted. Bill in Prescott, Arizona, believes he has always been surrounded by angels and spirits, and recounted the time an angelic set of hands helped him deliver one his children.

Albert in Brooklyn shared some of his end times predictions, including a strong solar flare strike on May 13, the choosing of the holy remnant on April 17, followed shortly after by the first of the bowl judgments from Revelation, and then finally Armageddon on September 28. Michael from Tucson, Arizona, reported on a UFO sighting in the sky near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Michael said he even saw a news report on it, with a man speaking about being visited by extraterrestrials interested in our nuclear arms race.

The final half-hour featured a classic clip from a past Coast show, when Art Bell talked with a caller who claimed to be a pilot flying into Area 51. (Listen: Win | Real)

Ghost Hunting in Kansas

First hour guest, author Adam Catlin, spoke about his ghostly encounters and investigations of places in Kansas with alleged paranormal activity, some of which are presented in his book, From Among the Dead. Catlin said he grew up in a haunted house. Every night the attic door would creak open, and footsteps could be heard moving down the hallway and into the bedroom, he explained.

Catlin recalled other strange occurrences from his childhood, including witnessing a glowing object in a cemetery and confronting a shadowy figure next to his bed. He also shared details from an impromptu ghost hunt at a book signing, his paranormal investigation of St. John's College, and his exploration of an old schoolhouse, where one of his group was pushed to the ground by an unseen force. According to Catlin, photographs taken in the vicinity, just seconds after the event, show a male and female apparition.

News segment guests: William Henry, Mish Shedlock



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