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The UFO Enigma


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    Joining George Knapp, ufologists from OpenMinds.TV, Alejandro Rojas and Antonio Huneeus, discussed their extensive UFO research and shared insights into how the perception of the mystery has evolved over the years. "It's out there to the public that there's reality to this phenomena," Rojas contended, "and anybody that takes a serious look at it can see that." To that end, Huneeus credited the accumulation of news stories on UFOs, notably covering positive perspectives from foreign governments and religious organizations, as a key factor in changing the way people think about the phenomena. Due to this continual, but subtle, acknowledgement of the UFO reality, he observed, "slowly, the public perception is definitely changing."

    Regarding the intersection of pop culture and UFOs, the duo was optimistic about the trend, in recent years, of celebrities talking about their experiences with the phenomenon. Rojas reasoned that their openness is indicative of the emerging acceptance of UFOs by the public at large, while Huneeus noted that these 'endorsements' of the subject by celebrities helps to raise awareness of the issue, similar to causes like environmentalism. On the surge in entertainment vehicles centered around UFOs, Rojas stressed that it represents a great opportunity for the research community to provide quality information to people, since there is currently such high media interest in the subject. From a historical perspective, Huneeus observed that, while the popularity of the subject has had "peaks and valleys," the Internet now provides an ongoing source of information that did not exist in previous eras, when people were largely dependent upon the mainstream media for their UFO news.

    Looking at the state of UFO studies around the world, they highlighted both positive and negative developments when it comes to official government investigations into the phenomenon. For instance, Rojas cautioned that the ongoing file releases by the UK government, while rich with information on specific cases, are not being done to "push the issue forward." He explained the dispatches actually helped to serve as an impetus for the Ministry of Defense to shut down their investigative desk, claiming that the files prove that the UFO phenomenon is not a National Security threat. Conversely, Huneeus detailed how, in South America, government sponsored UFO investigation is on the rise, in large part, due to demands from the general public. He noted that Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Chile, all have official UFO agencies. "It's become good politics," Huneeus marveled, "which is almost unbelievable."

    Rock Musicians & UFOs

    During the first hour, Robert Knight, who has photographed and interviewed dozens of the biggest names in rock and roll, talked about how, via his friendship with these famous musicians, he's heard their remarkable tales of UFO encounters. Reacting to Sammy Hagar's recent claims that he was abducted, Knight revealed that the rocker confided the story to him years ago in vivid detail. "I've known him a very long time and I know he wasn't kidding me," Knight said, theorizing that Hagar has "wanted to tell this story for some time." Knight also shared additional tales of musicians' UFO experiences and interest in the subject as well as his eerie final conversation with Stevie Ray Vaughn which took place right before the rock legend died.

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