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Creatures of Wisconsin & Open Lines


  • Sea Serpents & Mineral Point Vampire
  • Pig-Men, Bear-Wolf, & Alien Pancakes
  • UFO Incident & ET Encounter
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    In the first half, George Noory welcomed paranormal investigator Chad Lewis for a discussion on his research into the strange places and creatures of Wisconsin. Lewis said America's Dairyland abounds in credible accounts of giant sea serpents. As an example, he referenced a report from the early 1900s about boaters who were attacked by an aquatic monster with a "mouth the size of a wheelbarrow" that they fought off with an oar. And sea serpents may not be the most bizarre creatures inhabiting Wisconsin. The area of Door County is dotted with small chapels built to protect against the curse of the Pig-Men of Brussels, Lewis continued. The Badger State also has its own bigfoot-type creature in Cumberland, as well as a unique beast the size of a bear with the shape of a wolf supposedly encountered by a county worker picking up road kill, he added.

    Lewis shared the astonishing case of a farmer in Eagle River, Wisconsin, who claimed to have interacted with beings from a saucer-shaped craft that landed on his property. The farmer described meeting a small Italian-looking man dressed in black spandex with whom he exchanged drinking water for a few alien space cakes. The farmer went to his deathbed maintaining his story was true, Lewis said. Another alien encounter allegedly occurred in Bloomer, Wisconsin, where a woman under hypnosis recalled being abducted by extraterrestrials. The backyard of the woman's residence had burn marks on the ground, perhaps made by landing UFO, and implants were found in her body, Lewis noted. He also spoke about a police officer's cemetery confrontation with a tall, thin, pale-faced creature, known as the Mineral Point Vampire, as well as his investigation into a shadow demon in Caryville, Wisconsin.


    George hosted Open Lines during the latter half of the program. Randy in Pasadena, California, presented his theory about the seven letters in the biblical book of Revelation. According to Randy, these letters were written by John in seven different dimensions. "The way the letters appeared to the angels was through John's body as dimension and time, because those were seven different time periods where John's body was out," he explained. James in Port Clinton, Pennsylvania, recalled the night he and his partner were on patrol at an old cemetery and saw what they thought was a hand coming out of the ground. James claimed they found a 2-ft diameter hole at the burial site, muddy foot prints going off into the woods, and a pair of red eyes staring back at them. The next day, the two visited the same grave to discover the ground and grass over top it undisturbed, he noted. John in New York told George about his bizarre encounter with what may have been a ghost dog, as well as the time he felt a strange presence in his bedroom and realized something had performed an operation on his back.

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