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Planet X & 2012

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Guest host Rob Simone (email) was joined by former CNN science features news producer, Marshall Masters, who discussed the connection between Planet X and 2012 as well as how they relate to Edgar Cayce's predictions and the Kolbrin Bible. He detailed how his research began with attempting to determine the cause of global warming, which led to the conclusion that the changing weather patterns are primarily driven by the sun. In trying to find the source of the sun's erratic behavior, Masters and his research colleagues ultimately concluded, after ruling out all other factors, that there must be "an interloper" in the solar system, i.e. Planet X, that is affecting the sun. According to him, they based this determination on measured perturbations in the orbits and atmospheric upheavals of the other planets in the solar system.

On the nature of Planet X, Masters surmised that it is likely a brown dwarf in a "long period elliptical orbit" where it "zooms in and zooms out" of the solar system. He speculated that the object has a 3,600 year orbit and that its last appearance was what caused the infamous "ten plagues of Exodus." In light of that, Masters contended that we are currently "at the cusp of one of these catastrophic, punctuated events in our planet's timeline." Connecting the object with the Mayan Calendar, Masters said that the sun's activity is expected to be extremely high in December of 2012, which is when he expects people to first be able to see Planet X with the naked eye. This arrival of the object near Earth, he said, would initially result in meteorite showers, followed by a polar shift, where "our references as to what time and gravity are, those are going to be in a state of flux." Masters described the true disastrous effects of the polar shift to be less the result of the event itself and more due to Earth re-settling after it has happened.

He pointed to the Avebury Crop Formation from July of 2008 as a mysterious warning sign of events which will unfold in the future. Masters explained that the formation, which appears to include the planets in our solar system, is a "time stamp reference" to December 21, 2012. Additionally, he observed that the message seems to suggest that Pluto will be greatly affected by Planet X, where it will either "spin out into space or spiral into the sun." As to the origins of the Avebury Crop Formation, Masters ascribed the source to a "benign species that are trying to communicate with us and to convey timely information to warn us to be prepared and to deal with it as a serious threat." With that said, he stressed the need to avoid being afraid of what might unfold and, instead, accept that it is "just a physical process that's going on and we'll get through it."

Terrorism & Piracy

In the first hour, journalist and adventurer Robert Young Pelton presented reports from the front lines of terrorism and piracy. He traced the origins of the Middle East upheaval to a breakdown of "post-colonial power structures" fueled by a massive increase in disaffected young people in these nations. Regarding the war in Afghanistan, he pointed to Pakistan as the true problem area in the region and opined that the nation's tacit support of the Taliban is because they want to dissuade their rival, India, from engaging in another war. Later, Pelton detailed how the rise in Somalian pirates began when Somalia's "government fell apart" and the nation's Coast Guard, originally trained to prevent piracy, decided to embrace the tactic as a way of making money. So widespread is the practice now, he said, that ransoms generated by piracy could total over $200 million in 2011.


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Sunday night's guest, Marshall Masters, discussed this crop formation which he believes is a key warning of events that will unfold in 2012. Dubbed the "Planet X Avebury Formation," the elaborate enigma appeared in July of 2008 in Avebury, England and was larger than three soccer fields. As stated on his website, Masters contends that the phenomena "portends a global tribulation in which life as we know it will come to an end."

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