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    In the middle two hours, journalist and author Hazel Courteney shared details from her life-changing spiritual awakening, as well as her unique insights into science, the Big Bang, consciousness, and God. According to Courteney, her journey to enlightenment began abruptly on April 8, 1998, when a powerful energy pulsed through her body while walking through a turnstile at the famous London department store Harrods. It felt like a heart attack, she recalled, noting that, in addition to the chest pain, a voice began shouting in her head. Courteney credits the experience with changing her eye color and triggering several extraordinary phenomena, including psychic abilities, healing power, ash manifestation, and even levitation.

    Spiritual enlightenment usually occurs slowly, she continued, identifying what happened to her as a spontaneous kundalini awakening. Courteney described feeling as though she were plugged into a supercomputer for several months, and has come to understand certain truths about the nature of human existence. We exist within an incredible mind, or coherence, that some people would call God, Courteney explained. This ultimate something is beyond our comprehension, but at its core it is pure unconditional love and total 'isness', she said, adding that our goal seems to be to grow in consciousness and to help others towards enlightenment. Courteney also cited several researchers working in the field of consciousness studies, as well as touched on humanity's common source in the Big Bang. Within us are the same atoms that were once in Buddha and Jesus, she noted.

    The final hour featured Open Lines.

    News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Jeff Nelken, Steve Shenk

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