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Called the UK's #1 psychic detective, Robert Cracknell joined Ian to discuss how he has assisted police with his ability to see into the past and the future. "I do not consider that I am unique or that I have any special gift, whatsoever," Cracknell declared, "we all have this latent ability within us." As such, he implored other psychics to allow themselves to be studied by scientists so that further understanding of these mysterious abilities can be gleaned. To that end, he expressed dismay that there have not been "dramatic changes in the scientific attitude" towards psychic abilities after decades of evidence for their veracity. After spending his early years struggling with the implications of his psychic skills, Cracknell opined that "I don't consider it a curse or a blessing. I consider it to be fascinating."

In sharing the tale of when he first realized his gift could be of use to the police, Cracknell detailed how his initial insights into a murder actually drew the suspicions of investigators. He explained that he was asked by a reporter about an Australian woman who had been murdered in the UK. After Cracknell provided specific details about the crime scene that only the police would know, the stunned authorities declared him a suspect in the murder. When questioned by the police, Cracknell explained that he was a psychic and insisted that the murderer was actually already in jail for a prior crime. At the time, the skeptical police dismissed his claims, Cracknell said, but, seven years later, a man matching the description he provided was arrested, charged, and convicted of the crime.

Cracknell also recalled his work on the infamous Yorkshire Ripper killing spree which was solved in 1980. After he initially balked at getting involved, since the case was already "crawling with psychics," his interest was piqued when the police released a tape recorder of the murderer taunting the police. Prompted by a reporter for his opinion, Cracknell detailed the specific area of England where he felt the killer frequented. This vision would later be borne out when the killer was arrested and his home was revealed to be a mere 300 yards from where Cracknell led the reporter. Later, Cracknell also predicted that the Ripper would claim one more victim and would then get arrested, serendipitously, by traffic police. The scenario subsequently played itself out and, Cracknell said, "this is exactly what happened."

The College Conspiracy

In the first hour, Gerard Adams, president of the National Inflation Association, talked about how going to college might be a huge scam and how Universities are stealing your money. He contended that government loans to college students have resulted in generations of graduates being both deeply in debt and having their degree devalued by the sheer number of people who can now afford to get a higher education. Additionally, Adams said that colleges are inflating grades for their students in order to keep them in school and, thus, continuing to pay tuition. In order to solve these issues, he called for the government to "get out of the education industry" and allow the free market to regulate the loans given to prospective students. This, he said, would help decrease tuition costs and improve the quality of education at universities, since they would have to compete with emerging outlets like online schools.


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