Contamination, Fish Deaths, & Alien Abduction

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Contamination, Fish Deaths, & Alien Abduction


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    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed fish illness and deaths, meltdowns at Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactors, and a detailed alien abduction case. In her first report, she spoke with Gulf fisherman who are finding sick fish, and much smaller numbers of crabs and shrimp. Marine scientist William Frank Patterson III from the University of West Florida told her that some captured fish had various skin issues such as lesions, and fin rot, as well as bacterial infections. Because of the timing and location, it's speculated that the illnesses may be related to the Gulf oil spill and Corexit usage from a year ago, but this connection is being deliberately downplayed, she noted. More here.

    Looking into the Fukushima nuclear plant problems, she reported that plutonium reactor fuel had been ejected from Unit 3, and that radioactive hazards were accumulating in marine life off the coast of Japan. She spoke with security consultant Scott Portzline who outlined the continuing problems at Fukushima-- the nuclear plants are still leaking, and it's fissioning at Unit 3. Further, Linda warned, the emergency vents at Fukushima that were supposed to prevent hydrogen explosions did not work - and the same exact vent systems are in American nuclear reactors. More.

    Since mid-April 2011, "hundreds of leopard sharks" have been found dead with blood hemorrhaging from orifices in the Redwood City and Foster City region of San Francisco Bay. Recent necropsies confirm that the sharks are hemorrhaging blood internally, but so far no one knows why. She spoke with Sean Van Sommeran of the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation, who said the problem was truly unprecedented. A study at Stanford University found that the extreme rains in the Bay Area this year dropped the salinity level of the ocean, which may have adversely affected the sharks, Linda commented. Further info.

    In her last segment, Linda interviewed 'Gary & Irene Thompson' who recounted their intense alien abduction which occurred in Colorado in November, 1980. After they were lifted from their car in a beam of "cerulean blue light," they found themselves aboard a craft inhabited by several different types of grays and humanoids. At one point, Gary said he was on an examination table, where they removed his right eye from his socket, and also extracted thoughts and memories from his brain, before putting them back in. See the interview and drawings.

    Protest Over TSA

    First hour guest, radio host Alex Jones talked about his protest over the Texas Legislature shelving the so-called TSA "groping" bill (halting invasive security pat-downs). Though the bill had passed in the House, the Dept. of Justice had sent a threatening letter that they would shut down Texas airports if the law was enacted, he explained. Jones contended that this action was a step toward martial law, and that the invasive pat-downs are setting the stage for forced inoculations. More here.

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    In a guest blog on Silver Screen Saucers, Linda Moulton Howe writes about her 1980 documentary A Strange Harvest (which dealt with the animal mutilation mystery) and how a Hollywood producer wanted to use her title & script for a fictionalized version of the story.

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