Alien-Human Hybrids & Open Lines

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Alien-Human Hybrids & Open Lines


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    Barbara Lamb, a psychotherapist specializing in regression therapy with people who claim encounters with extraterrestrial beings, joined George Noory in the first half of the show to discuss alien-human hybrids. Lamb said she became involved in the subject after numerous patients reported nighttime visitations, missing time, being taken from home, and peculiar markings on their bodies. "In so many cases, these people are involved with a hybridization program," Lamb revealed, noting that in only one case was a person physically harmed by the aliens' procedures. Many people have actually been healed of life-threatening conditions, such as cancer, autoimmune disease, and heart problems, she added. According to Lamb, regression therapy has helped her patients relive their encounters and discover why the ETs needed to take them.

    Each species of alien has its own agenda for hybrid research, she explained, pointing out that some are attempting to save their own dying race, become more physically substantial, regain lost emotions, develop ambassadors that understand aliens and humans, and even upgrade the human race intellectually, psychically, and spiritually. Lamb also outlined three stages of hybridization. In the early stage, the half-human/half-alien beings are frail and unable to survive on Earth. In the middle stage, the hybrids are taller, more muscular, and can visit Earth for short periods. The late stage hybrids can be carried by human mothers, live on Earth, are highly intelligent and attractive, and can reproduce with other humans. Lamb suggested many such hybrids currently walk among us.


    The remainder of the program was devoted to Open Lines, featuring a special line for callers who wanted to talk about how they've used up some of their 'nine lives'. Terry in Marion, Ohio, expressed how lucky he felt after surviving a cancerous appendix as well as half a dozen DUIs. Terry said he believes a higher power has protected him from dying. Franz from Duluth, Minnesota, told George he was almost split in half by a moving train. John in Beinhorn, Iowa, shared an creepy Ouija board story. According to John, a friend threw the board into a fireplace and demonic moans could be heard as it burned. Alien implant removal expert Dr. Roger Leir, former C2C board operator Steve Carr, and George Noory's daughters, Wendy and Chrissy, called into the show to wish the 61-year-old Coast host a happy birthday.


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