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UFO Demons & Fatima Secrets

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Joining George Noory, traditional Catholic Benedictine Monk for 19 years, Brother Michael Dimond discussed why he believes UFOs are demonic entities, as well as the third secret of Fatima and how there is an impostor Sister Lucia. Based on a myriad of contradictory reports on the behavior of UFOs, Dimond said that "there's no way that someone can explain, from a scientific standpoint, how this is possible for any material craft to do these things." As such, he surmised that the phenomenon is of a spiritual nature and, in turn, being orchestrated by Satan. "The grand design of all of it," he postulated, is to undermine belief in the Gospel and replace it with "a new, false, belief system" which will corrupt the human race.

Concerning the third secret of Fatima, Dimond contended that it actually foretold a "massive apostasy seemingly happening inside the Catholic Church," which began with the Second Vatican Council. He alleged that the "real" Sister Lucia was killed in the late 1950's and was replaced by an impostor in order to preserve the true nature of the third Fatima secret. Dimond pointed to photographic evidence as well as strange behavior exhibited by the alleged impostor as clues that there had been a switch. He also cited an interviewer who met with "Sister Lucia" before she died in 2005 and told Dimond that "there's something seriously wrong." The reasoning behind this observation was because Lucia could not recall "simple questions" about her earlier life and appeared to have a "minder" from the Church with her at all times.

Over the course of the evening, Dimond also talked about esoteric topics such as Area 51, cattle mutilations, and alien abduction. Regarding Area 51, he claimed that, in 1947, "they held a huge Satanic ritual on the very spot" where the secret base would eventually be built. This ritual, Dimond said, was meant to allow interdimensional entities a gateway to our space time continuum. While he acknowledged that the base is home to many experimental aircraft, Dimond also theorized that "some of the other things seen in the sky could very well be Satanic false signs and wonders." Additionally, he observed that the experimental aircraft are, ultimately, to be used in warfare, a development he attributed to Satan's nefarious plans to destroy the human race.

The Four Corners Vortex

In the first half hour, author Richard Dewolf talked about the "four corners vortex" which he said will open on 11/11/11. Dewolf explained that, at the Four Corners region in the United States, there is an energy vortex that opens every 26,000 years. The next opening is due on 11/11/11, he said, and, when it happens, the vortex will "expand wider and wider and encompass miles in area." The vortex, Dewolf said, will stay open for a year or two and allow the Earth to release negative energy which has accumulated "for eons" as well as survive potential damage from the impending arrival of Planet X.


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