Investigating the Paranormal

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Steve Volk, Steve Quayle

Reporter Steve Volk discussed how he came to reconcile an old family ghost story and the whole realm of the paranormal with the rigors of professional journalism. While growing up his family was besieged by unexplained pounding noises in their home, and in one incident the sound moved to the top of the stairs and then came down one step at a time, "like a child throwing a tantrum," he detailed. These occurrences inspired his recent wide ranging exploration of the paranormal.

He interviewed the late Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' research partner Reverend Mwalimu Imara who revealed that there was a lost chapter to her hallmark book, On Death and Dying, which contained information about NDEs and death bed visitations. In fact, Kubler-Ross had uncovered first hand accounts of near-death phenomena a number of years before Raymond Moody popularized it, he shared. Volk investigated ufology, and made a trip to Stephenville, Texas to interview witnesses to the 2008 incident there. Radar information corroborated their accounts, and curiously as the media arrived to cover the event, the military made a simultaneous presence, he reported.

Volk also studied spiritual and mental practices. The Tibetans, he noted, believed that if you don't become conscious in your dreams (lucid dreaming), you will not be conscious in death. Meditation has been shown to have beneficial health consequences, such as reduction in stress and boosting the immune system. Through meditation, he learned to let fear-based thoughts (coming from a primitive part of the brain) just pass. "Spirituality and science can in fact serve each other-- they do not have to be considered opposing world views," he concluded.

E. Coli Outbreak

First hour guest, author Steve Quayle shared his reactions to the recent E. coli outbreak in Europe. "This is a specific biowarfare agent that has been designed to thing well, and that's kill people," he declared. The breakout could perhaps be traced to a laboratory dealing with antibiotic resistance, and may be related to a push against natural foods, he suggested.

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