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US Collapse & Energy Medicine


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    Roger Tolces, a private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures, spoke about ways the United States is being brought down by multinational corporations. He also talked about energy medicine treatments that are suppressed by the government. America has become a total surveillance state, he said, citing some of the revelations of NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake. Our constitutional rights have been eroded by the Patriot Act, and "any electronic media you use is routed through the NSA," including your credit card statements, IRS records, landline & cell phone calls, medical records, and the "back door" into your personal computer, Tolces continued.

    The attempt to dissolve the United States, its constitution, and its military is an agenda of the multinational corporations who seek to turn America into a "consumptive colony," Tolces outlined. He warned of a coming currency collapse, and suggested that the massive surveillance already in place will be used to monitor and arrest people that protest the economic changes.

    He discussed Royal Rife's technology which has been used for cancer treatments. The machines work by using specific frequencies to eliminate different types of pathogens, he explained. Tolces was also impressed by a technology out of Russia called Kirlionics, that makes Kirlian scans of a person's fingers, which reveal bio-energy patterns.


    First hour guest, 'historian of the future' Charles Ostman discussed synthetic biology and its possible uses in bio-terrorism. Even if the recent E. coli outbreak wasn't a deliberately invoked event, it suggests that food can be used as a platform to deliver pathogens, and points toward our vulnerability in that area, he noted. Ostman also warned that stealth viruses might be developed that could remain dormant until activated, and would be difficult to trace.

    News segment guests: Alex Jones, Mitch Battros, Rachel Luffman

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