Mayan Calendar & Transformation

Mayan Calendar & Transformation


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCarl Johan Calleman, Steve Quayle

Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D. began his studies on the Mayan calendar in 1979 and now lectures throughout the world. He appeared during the middle two hours to discuss the changes he sees on the horizon and why October 28, 2011 is more important than December of 2012. The ancient Mayans believed there are nine levels of evolution or consciousness. On March 9, 2011 the Ninth Wave was activated, which is the highest level of evolution, and while it signals the start of unity consciousness, it also brings a great turbulence because this wave develops at a much higher frequency, he explained.

Calleman has consistently said for more than 15 years that the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar is on October 28, 2011-- not December 21, 2012. He concluded this based on correlating the dates with the Mayan's Sacred 260-day calendar, which is still in use. The comet Elenin will be closest to Earth on October 21st, and he connected its arrival with the Hopi Prophecy of the Blue Star, and said the comet was an amazing synchronicity with the end of the Mayan calendar, "in a way that we human beings cannot fathom." Calleman, along with Richard C. Hoagland and others, will participate in an online conference on comet Elenin, this Friday morning, at 11am PT.

While Calleman sees the unity mindset of the Ninth Wave as a major advancement for humanity, he warned that this new world will also be associated with chaotic earth changes, such as major quakes, which we might expect to see around October 28th. Interestingly, he noted that there are Mayan inscriptions that point to such far-in-the-future dates as 4772 AD, so in ancient times, they had no concept of the world coming to end.

The last hour of the show featured Open Lines.

Death of Nuclear Experts

First hour guest, researcher Steve Quayle reacted to a report about 5 Russian nuke experts dying in a plane crash. It was an "orchestrated assassination," he declared, with similarities to the death of biological weapons experts in Israel, as well as the "execution" of Sec. of Commerce Ron Brown. The removal of the nuke experts, who had assisted in Iran's nuclear plant development, indicates "that the war in the intelligence field and world is going on full blast," and it was likely done to put Iran at a disadvantage, he suggested.

News segment guests: Alex Jones, Dr. Len Horowitz



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Making his debut on C2C is Carl Johan Calleman (pictured). Dr. Calleman fell in love with the native Maya during a trip to Central America in 1979. He became fascinated with their now-famous calendar and, more importantly, why it would have an end date. To his absolute amazement, he discovered that the Mayan Calendar does not measure Days and Nights based on planets doing 24-hour orbits around a sun, like our current Gregorian calendar system. Rather, "it is Universal Creation’s schedule of energetic shifts that has driven our very evolution of human consciousness, wave upon wave and pulse upon sacred pulse, from primitive cells to the full-capacity conscious humans we are soon to become," he writes.

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