Earthbound Spirits & 'Full Moon' Open Lines

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Earthbound Spirits & 'Full Moon' Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, ghostbuster Mary Ann Winkowski talked about her interactions with earthbound spirits—an ability she claims to have had since early childhood. "When you die and you don't cross over, you have the same personality you had when you were alive," she explained, noting how the attitudes of spirits have changed over time. According to Winkowski, ghosts from the late-1800s to early-1900s are simple and down to earth, while spirits of people who have died recently are belligerent, vengeful, and seemingly unconcerned about being dead and stuck in the Earth plane. She expressed concern about young adults calling on the dark power of demon-like earthbound spirits, and the unintended consequences this can sometimes have on innocent bystanders, such as neighbors.

Negative activities can "blow open a portal" that allows the nastiest kind of earthbound spirits to enter a home, she continued. Winkowski shared details from a haunting case involving a house inhabited by two ghosts, one of whom had followed the husband from a previous address. The disbelieving husband was shocked to learn the spirit belonged to a deceased man who had once been a neighbor and the owner of his home, she added. Winkowski said she enjoys attending funerals of people who when alive did not believe in existence beyond death, and seeing their newly-departed spirits discover there is an afterlife. She also recalled the time she encountered one of Shakespeare's twin daughters, as well as announced the forthcoming release of a cookbook, Beyond Delicious, filled with recipes provided to her by the dearly departed.


During 'Full Moon' Open Lines, Tony from Kalamazoo described growing up in numerous houses where paranormal activity was commonplace, and recalled a bizarre experience he had at seventeen. According to Tony, as he was awaking one morning, when he suddenly became exhausted and comfortable, the bedroom went completely dark, and a voice asked, "Are you ready?" Tony told George that he knew this meant his life was over so he answered, "Yes," but the voice told him it was not his time yet, and the comfort and blackness immediately faded back into his bedroom.

Darlene in Las Vegas talked about the time Bob Lazar walked into her place of employment. She said Lazar revealed that he worked at Area 51 and was involved in back-engineering extraterrestrial technology, including a power source the size of a basketball that could last for a thousand years. Darlene noted that Lazar told her, "If people knew what our government knows, it would shake the religious precepts of the world against their very foundations."

Carl, a trucker from Huntsville, Alabama, shared a touching story about seeing the space shuttle for the first time, and how his deceased father lives on through the NASA projects he helped create.


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