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UFO Photographs & ET Contacts

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Former White House/Air Force One engineer for ABC News, Wilbur Allen has been a contactee since childhood when he was implanted. In recent years, he has forensically documented sightings and anomalies through photography. Describing his first abduction at five years old, he said the grey ETs looked like they had the physique of small, slender children. The entities use a technology that applies a dampening field to the human brain, preventing abductees from screaming or running away, he reported. In repeated abductions (which he said were accomplished via a transporter technology) he found himself on a gurney in a darkened space, being looked at by hybrids. The implant he received at an early age made him physically ill for the first 18 years of his life, he revealed.

Allen, who lives in the Washington DC area, said he is given mental cues to take photographs at certain locations. While he doesn't always see anomalies with the naked eye, what he believes are craft consistently show up in his photos, some of which are taken at 1/8000th of a second, suggesting that some of the activity is occurring at speeds too fast for the human eye to see. At the US Capitol, he saw small green luminous orbs, as well as larger ones the size of a VW Beetle. He described one of the objects he photographed in DC as having plasma-like qualities, and oscillating in three dimensions simultaneously, before exiting in a "stargate."

He witnessed "non-corporeal" ETs at the US Capitol building, anomalies that entered the water at the reflection pool, as well as unexplained aerial objects at the Washington Monument during the fireworks. Some of the images he's captured are a match to the UFOs photographed over DC during the 1952 wave, he said, adding that he believes there may be an alien base at an underground location there, explaining why Washington has so much UFO activity.

GM Foods Update

First hour guest, author and filmmaker Jeffrey Smith shared updates on GM crops and food safety. The USDA recently announced that they won't bother to evaluate or regulate genetically modified bluegrass. Announcements like this raise concern as "most future genetically modified crops could theoretically go on the market without any regulatory oversight by the USDA, EPA or FDA, and they don't even have to tell the public that these non-food crops are being planted in lawns, forests, shrubs, etc.," he noted. Smith suggested people specifically shop for non-GMO products to create pressure within the industry to make changes.

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